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  1. Apr 2023
    1. 11.16
      1. Convert the tree structure to a flow.
      2. compute the potential and the reduced costs.
      3. Select an arc to pivot, keeping the strong feasibility of the tree when changing the arcs on the tree!

      Strong feasibility of the tree is at pg 421

    2. We now state two alternate definitions ofa strongly feasible spanning tree.

      strong feasible spanning tree solution definition.

    3. Theorem 11.9 (Triangularity Property).

      the incidence matrix of a spanning tree graph can be, lower triangular.

    4. the basic idea in the procedure is tostart at node 1 and fan out along the tree arcs using the thread indices to computeother node potentials.

      The starting node is, the first element from thread. First node from the in-order tree traversal.

    5. Theorem 11.2 (Spanning Tree Property).
    6. Theorem 11.1 (Cycle Free Property).
    7. 11.12