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  1. Dec 2022
  2. Dec 2017
    1. Men are somewhat more likely than women to seek short-term partners and to value physical attractiveness over material resources in a mate. Women are somewhat more likely than men to seek long-term partners and to value material resources over physical attractiveness in a mate. But why? The standard evolutionary theory holds that because the male investment in becoming a parent is relatively small, men reproduce more successfully by seeking several short-term partners who are young and healthy (which is signaled by physical attractiveness). But because the female investment in becoming a parent is quite large, women reproduce more successfully by seeking a long-term partner who has resources to contribute to raising the child.

      is this backed up by any sort of research? journal articles, stats etc.?

  3. Aug 2017
  4. Aug 2015
    1. We know this because there are societies where a lot more of this money is taken from the most fortunate, and it results pretty straightforwardly in less cruelty for the least fortunate.

      Anyone know the scenario he's citing here?

      I'd love to read more.

  5. Sep 2014
    1. minimum wages that destroy jobs

      I'm sure this is just being brought in here as an example of something rather split-brained that voters do, but I believe it's not well established that higher minimum wages "destroy jobs".

  6. Feb 2014
  7. textbooks.cs.ksu.edu textbooks.cs.ksu.edu
    1. The Hypothes.is team will most probably provide an api for these types of use cases eventually