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  1. Dec 2022
    1. If Context manages a few independent data chunks, they can be split into smaller providers under the same provider. That way, only consumers of changed chunk will re-render.
    2. If Context Provider is placed not at the very root of the app, and there is a possibility it can re-render itself because of changes in its ancestors, its value should be memoized.
    3. Value in key should be a string, that is consistent between re-renders for every element in the list.
    4. If a component uses non-primitive value as a dependency in hooks like useEffect, useMemo, useCallback, it should be memoized.

    5. Memoizing props by themselves will not prevent re-renders of a child component.
    6. encapsulates the state inside a smaller component, and heavy components are passed to it as props
    7. parent (or children) re-renders
  2. Nov 2022
    1. newer versions of Wireshark include an androiddump utility to capture Bluetooth traffic directly from Android phones. The setup couldn't be simpler: connect the phone to the computer via USB, enable USB debugging, select the "Android Bluetooth" capture source in Wireshark, and start recording!
    1. You can then edit files in that repository and commit and push them like this: cd 0a30d52feeb3ff60f7d8636b0bde296b # Edit files here git commit -m "Edited some files" -a git push