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  1. May 2024
    1. Walk into store to buy bread, get to till, no you MUST buy 1 kilogram of fillet steak as well so that the average price of the goods you buy is more than what the bread costs, which is the only thing you need. Leave bread, walk out. It does not matter how good you explain it, buyers do not understand how you have an item on the shelf you are not willing to sell for the price you are advertising it at, or for which you need a degree in mathematics to work out how many you must put in a cart before you can, well, pay for it at checkout. I would rather BL take this away altogether. You already have minimum buys to avoid small orders, you can already set a minimum lot quantity for purchase. Why give an impression that an item can ship by itself, when you as the seller is not willing to sell it like that? It confuses buyers when sellers willfully shows prices for goods they are not willing to sell at. Rather suggest, if sellers really want to use this, that the quantities the buyer wants cannot be added to the cart unless the minimum average is met automatically. That way the cart is managed for the buyer and nobody has to know the why and the wherefores of why an item cannot be bought for the price it is listed at.