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  1. Mar 2021
    1. Digital, it’s now everything we do!

      A key lesson from Canada's federal public service, which also resonates at the provincial level. Everything we do is somehow digital, whether or not we want to emphasize that.

      It also helps contextualize the digital standards behind the Government of Canada. It's much more about change management and design thinking than about tools.

      There might be some lesson for hybrid pedagogy, somewhere in there...

  2. Jun 2017
    1. Okay, so here I was in one room with university administrators. I chose the concept I was going to present by three main criteria: a) The concept should scaffold ongoing, constructive and critical discussions around the different ideas of digital pedagogy, identity, teaching and learning among faculty and students. b) I wanted to show ‘proof’ that what I was pitching had worked before elsewhere, that it had been applied. c) Under no circumstances did I want to promote a centralized use of technology that follows ideas of control or restraint. (you may read “LMS” here) Instead, I was looking for something that provided students and educators with agency over their own digital identities and their learning and teaching.

      three criteria for digital infrastructure that supports digital citizenship/literacy/identity/pedagogy