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  1. Dec 2022
  2. Dec 2017
  3. Dec 2016
    1. A useful guide on how to implement new Effect Managers. It was linked from elm-dev and presumably written for Elm 0.17.

      I haven't checked how much of this is still applicable to Elm 0.18.

  4. Apr 2016
    1. Blog post discussing a more productive format for a meetup than the typical case where developers turn up, watch speaker(s) for 30-60 minutes, then leave.

  5. Mar 2016
  6. Jan 2016
  7. Nov 2015
    1. So in both cases we are writing contracts that say “I require input with this shape, and I will give you output with that shape.” This is the essence of ruling out runtime errors in Elm. We always know what kind of values a function needs and what kind it produces, so we can just check that we always follow these rules.