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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Offshore crypto exchanges like Binance offer absurd leverage in the 20-125x range. But the exchange is both a broker offering leveraged products and the clearinghouse of the leveraged trades. This can easily create “failure to deliver” situations from the clearinghouse side. Take this example:
  2. Jan 2019
  3. www.at-the-intersection.com www.at-the-intersection.com
    1. So I, you know, putting my coins on the exchange is risky enough. I don't want to increase that by expanding the scope of access
    2. I'm scared. I don't really spend enough time thinking about it, but it's something like in the far future I might do if someone comes up with some solution and they give a good reason why it's good, you know, maybe I'll use it, but I haven't seen anything.
    3. So he basically manipulated the market on a really illiquid coin via the Api keys and essentially he, and he then withdrew his own bitcoin.
    4. Um, I do not ever a guarantee, uh, allow access to any of these programs to do my trading via Api keys. I've just read too many bad things.
    5. Part of it might be ignorance to be honest. Um, for three commas for three commas specifically because the functionality that I was allowing, at least within the API key within binance was that they couldn't withdraw funds.
    6. The main one would be coinagy and three commas you have to use your API is for coinagy in order to do the trades.