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  1. Mar 2021
    1. One way the restaurant achieves this is by refusing to do delivery. You can order breakfast and lunch at the window; dinner has to be arranged in advance, by email. Either way, your first encounter is with one of Winner’s employees or Mr. Eddy himself, not a third-party app. Apps may be convenient, but I’ve never used an app that remembered that a member of my household has a life-threatening food allergy, as a Winner employee did the second time I placed a dinner order. Nor have I had one offer to set aside a few loaves of bread, which typically sell out by late afternoon.

      There is a key distinction between the rise of many Apps to order food through and Winner's restaurant. Pete points out the personal aspect this restaurant is embracing and how it is doing wonders for them. These experiences add emotion, pathos, to the article and allow the reader to feel heart warmed or interested in visiting this restaurant themselves to experience the same comfort Pete does when going these himself.