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    1. @~8:00 one quote says:

      With web articles, I think the biggest problem is that it is hard to create interactive elements in it. Some people are able to make very fancy web articles. But it takes efforts you know.

      Related to ho-hoism? Or at least the Torvaldsian sentiment about not being "big and professional like gnu[sic]".

    1. (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu)

      Is this (self-directed/-inflicted) ho-hoism? (Maybe even a consequence of Ra?)

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    1. To be on time you must be early; it’s nearly impossible to be precisely on time – time is moving too fast. For instance, if a meeting starts at 1:00 you can’t walk in 1:00 – that occurs in a milli-second and then becomes the past. You must arrive before 1:00.

      This is a fine perspective as long as you're not penalizing people who arrive at 12:59:59 — "If you are on time, you are late" is a stupid mantra that, while my sample size is low, I've only heard from people who were themselves egregious time wasters and made the remarks as a way of honoring Ra.

      (I'd argue further that anyone who arrives at any time between [13:00:00, 13:01:00) are doing okay, so long as they're wiling to accept that no one is obligated to wait for them. I.e. what "the meeting is at 1:00 PM" means is that everyone has permission to start the meeting at 13:00:00, whether you're there or not.)

    1. the reviewer wanted _more_ academese. It was the last paper of my grad school career and I was sick of academese. In so many words, I told them to pound sand. That was my only paper to never get published.
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