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  1. Nov 2023
    1. The latest review by Richardson(2018) which synthesised data from multiple sources over the last 20years showed that the odds ofobtaining a good degree (i.e. first-class or upper second-class) in BME students are about half thosein White students. This under-attainment effect was stronger for Black students compared to Asianstudents.

      Well its insane that we have so much data about these disparities that we talk about so much in american but turns out that this is common in the UK and possible in all colonized setting across the globe where institutionalized systemic racism in education may be creating these disparities.

  2. Nov 2018
    1. Sightless into the ruined factoryBequeathed to him, and dreams that he discoversThe future isn't manufactured thcre-

      we try to plan our future everyday and try to find things that can make our future the way we want it but that is just impossible to do