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  1. Nov 2018
    1. And now is never where the promised 6resAre burning, bur the dme that's ser aparrFor you and I to stand and sightless srare,

      whats your passion? what do you love? would you let if go if you had to?

    2. Sightless into the ruined factoryBequeathed to him, and dreams that he discoversThe future isn't manufactured thcre-

      we try to plan our future everyday and try to find things that can make our future the way we want it but that is just impossible to do

  2. Aug 2018
    1. T'hat the desire for wealth and upward mobility motivates par-ents to turn their daughters over to beasts points to the possibil-ity that these tales mirror social practices of an eadier age.

      money is the motivator for all our actions the ability to be successful is what we learn from birth

    2. Are the ani-nrlrls r('rrrinders of our fundamentally primitive nature? Arethcy prrrxies for the "beastliness" of sex?

      the symbolism that we all have a little beast in us