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  1. Nov 2022
    1. Do you know about lacolhost.com? as in, do something like blerg.lacolhost.com:3000/ as your url and it'll resolve to localhost:3000, which is where your tests are running.
    2. I've developed additional perspective on this issue - I have DNS settings in my hosts file that are what resolve the visits to localhost, but also preserve the subdomain in the request (this latter point is important because Rails path helpers care which subdomain is being requested) To sum up the scope of the problem as it stands now - I need a way within Heroku/Capybara system tests to both route requests to localhost, but also maintain the subdomain information of the request. I've been able to accomplish one or the other, but haven't found a configuration that provides both yet.
  2. Mar 2017
  3. localhost:3000 localhost:3000
    1. It's wired to annotate your localhost publicly. LOL

      Maybe we can chat this way.