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  1. Nov 2022
    1. To make this happen, it uses the filesystem timestamps as a proxy to determine if something has changed. This is a reasonable heuristic, because file timestamps typically will only change if the files are modified.
    2. Make selects the target blah, because the first target is the default target

      so for that reason it could be any name as the first target is default target.

  2. May 2021
    1. It's Faster

      Makefile is also faster than package.json script

    2. It's even more discoverable if your shell has smart tab completion: for example, on my current project, if you enter the aws/ directory and type make<TAB>, you'll see a list that includes things like docker-login, deploy-dev and destroy-sandbox.

      If your shell has smart TAB completion, you can easily discover relevant make commands

    3. Variables. Multiple lines. No more escaped quotation marks. Comments.

      What are Makefile's advantages over package.json scripts

  3. Oct 2020
  4. Apr 2016
    1. @echo My HOME path has $(words $(CURRENT_PATH)) directories.


    2. The problem is that the space before the.oargument ispart of the replacement text and was inserted into the output string. The spacebefore the.cis fine because all whitespace before the first argument is strippedoff bymake.