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  1. Jul 2023
    1. STYLEThe styles of jazz melodies can be categorized into two main groups:ROMANTICJazz ballads, bossa novas, boleros and some medium and fast tempo songs have melodiesthar are constructed following the developmental procedures that have come from the melo-dic style of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoffby way of the popular music composers of the20s to the 50s. Included are the efforts of expert film composers from the earliest to con-temporary times. With this in mind, it is very importanc chat the jazz composer as well asthose aspiring to compose for the popular market: CDs, radio, television and films, be ableto compose a romantic melody.IDIOMATICThesejazzmelodiesareconstructedtoconformtoparticularqualitiesthataredefinedbyanhistoricera:bebop,swing,Dixieland,hardbop;afolk/ethnicreference:blues,Caribbean,pentatonic,pop;orbytheperformancepeculiarities ofaninstrumentorvoice.Melodiescanalsobedescribedbyanynoteworthyuseofcheelements:angular,lyrical,programmatic,symmetric,tetrachordic,oranyoftheothers.THE GENERAL MELODIC STYLE CATEGORIESRomantic/Ideal: these melodies/compositions are based on the Romantic period philosoph-ically, melodically and to some degree, harmonically.Romantic/Melodic: these melodies show consistencies with romantic melody writing proce-dures but differ in philosophy, harmonic materials and emotional goals.idiomatic/Referential:modeledonthemelodicdescriptionsofastyleera,folkreferenceorinstrument/voiceperformancecharacteristics.Idiomatic/Abstract: these melodies are constructed to have a quality described as jagged,smooth, consonant, chromatic and similar depictions.Idiomatic/Programmatic: the construction ofa melody to define an emotional, modal orprogrammatic goal: pastoral, energetic, dark, mysterious and so forth.In the main, jazz melodies are either romantic or non-romantic. The non-romantic melodiesare so diverse - having so many variables in their descriptions - that a comprehensive repre-sentation of how the elements of melody writing were co be applied for each would bebeyond the scope of this book. In addition, there are many melodies that have mixed influ-ences: folk/modal, riff/pentatonic, and many more,Another point to consider is that many compositions have different styles of melodies indifferent sections. Some examples arSONG SECTION STYLE - Contrasted and Combined Melodic Styles