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  1. Nov 2023
    1. As our app grows, an increasing amount of random code is landing in the app/services directory. I'm worried it will become impractical to improve on this, as the number of special cases will only increase. Some pain points off the top of my head (definitely not exhaustive):
  2. Sep 2023
    1. However one of these paths is quite often lib which could lead to unintended consequences due to the 'junk drawer' nature of this directory.
  3. Jan 2022
    1. That's like the example i wrote, and i think it's very ugly. It's annoying when frameworks are very elegant in demos and presentations but then that elegance disappear when you have to write real world code.
  4. Aug 2021
    1. Directions

      The sheer gall of me offering directions to reading a Wendell Berry poem. Just enjoy, you are immune from guilt or shame when you approach the poem with same creative play that Berry intends. Get messy or go away.

  5. Jun 2021
  6. Apr 2021
    1. messy

      what does this actually mean in this context?

      ah, I see elaboration further down...

      Visually it's a mess, though thankfully there are no surprise traps. However, sometimes lasers would camouflage into the dungeon irritatingly.

      Yes, it does look pretty ugly.

  7. Feb 2021
  8. Jan 2021
    1. Plus, have you seen how many loopback mounting points it creates? "df" becomes very hard to use as it buries your actual drives with it's own. One for the daemon, one for GTK, one for Gnome, one for each of the snaps you have installed....
    2. By design, snap apps have no access to /etc. They live in their own little world, but instead of a normal chroot, they are splatted all over the standard Linux filesystem layout. With other bits mounted hither and thither. Its a mess, and subject to change with each release.
    1. The CardLayout creates a store in context and the Card creates a standardized div container and registers it to the store so that the CardLayout has access to that DOM element. Then in afterUpdate you can move the DOM elements into columns and Svelte will not try to put them back where they go. It's a bit messy but it works.
  9. Nov 2020
  10. Dec 2019
    1. view-helpers form-helpers form-helper view-helper button buttons form forms

      Since I didn't know which variant was canonical, I tagged with both/all variants. Gross.