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  1. Feb 2017
    1. Here are earlier versions of the Horizon Report, linked for annotation: 2016 | 2015. You can find other Horizon Reports online

    2. University of Edinburgh has hired a Wikimedian-in-residenc

      should every institution have an "open knowledge officer"?

    3. Advancing digital literacy has profound implications for global economies

      I think this doesn't go far enough about economic impact. It's not just IT professionals that need digital literacy in order to support a healthy economy and society, it's everyone. The economic impact goes way beyond the IT sector.

    4. Digital Polarization Initiative

      DigiPo, as its friends call it, is a valuable example of work underway in digital literacy. Learn more from the post from project leader Mike Caulfield.

    5. Creating and participating in the digital space also surfaces a number of digital literacy issues, including security, privacy, and openness.

      use digital literacy as a "can opener" to serve up issues around security, privacy, and openness

    6. isc recommends staff-student partnerships to drive innovation while upskilling the digital prowess of all involved, and has published a guide for planning a collaborative approach.

      this sounds crucial: support student agency in digital literacy from the start

    7. cultivating skills for mindful media consumption

      and mindful media sharing!

    8. new category of competenc

      I like to think of digital literacy as the extension of existing competencies of information literacy to address the current digital environment.