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  1. Feb 2022
    1. basic ODATE Binder (here is our version again).

      Please fix the URL by removing "http://". At present (2022-02-25) it points to: "http://https://github.com/o-date/notebooks"

    2. Bitbucket at the time of writing offers free private repositories so that you can push your changes to a remote repository without fear of others looking or cloning your material

      GitHub also features now free private repositories. A special mention should probably go to Codeberg.org a git-based code hosting solution with a great attention on privacy.

  2. Apr 2021
    1. http://definingdh.org/; reload the page to get a new definition).

      This link isn't working anymore, it directs you to a totally unrelated website.

    1. Trigham, Ruth, and Michael Ashley Lopez. 2001. “Virtual Systems and Multimedia (Vsmm 2001) 7th International Conference, Berkeley, California.” In, 271–79.

      I believe you forget to write the name of the article. I guess this is the one you are referring to: Tringham, R. and Ashley Lopez, M. 2001. The democratization of technology. In Proceedings of the Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM'01). 7th International Conference.

    2. In a conversation initiated on Twitter on March 10, 2017, Graham asked the question (the thread for which discussion starts here),

      This link is not working anymore.

    1. Kris Shaffer has created a Wordpress plugin to pull annotations to a new Wordpress post (details are linked here)

      This link here probably not available any more because it lets you to a page which has this warning: '404. Page not found. I just want to let you know :)