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  1. Jul 2017
    1. This is, fundamentally, about the dream of a public learning commons, where learners are empowered to shape the world as they encounter it.

      On open enabling the public learning commons.

    2. Knowledge consumption and knowledge creation are not separate but parallel processes, as knowledge is co-constructed, contextualized, cumulative, iterative, and recursive.

      Education as the consumption AND creation of knowledge.

    3. So one key component of Open Pedagogy might be that it sees access, broadly writ, as fundamental to learning and to teaching, and agency as an important way of broadening that access.
      • agency leads to + access
    4. one of the central gifts that it brings to faculty is that of agency

      OER brings agency to teachers.

    5. Open Pedagogy and Social Justice
    1. And this is why there is endless talk about the latest needle in a haystack finder, when what we are facing is a collapse of the market that funds the creation of needles.

      A call to create more high-quality content.

    1. Using higher education to "save the web" means leveraging the classroom to make visible the effects of surveillance capitalism. It means more clearly defining and empowering the notion of consent. Most of all, it means envisioning, with students, new ways to exist online.

      Saving the web = digital literacy.

    2. The fact that the web functions the way it does is illustrative of the tremendously powerful economic forces that structure it.

      This is the first thing we should think about when looking at ANY technology.

    1. repositions the question of coherence to the individual scale rather than the enterpirse

      Where should coherence be located?

    1. the NGDLE offers a way for institutions to more easily extract and share their learning community’s personal data with a wide range of sources, something that should deeply disturb us in the post-Snowden era. But the real kicker is, how do we get anyone to not only acknowledge this process of extraction and monetization (because I think folks have), but to actually feel empowered enough to even care.