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  1. Feb 2023
    1. Beyond the realm of historians, advocates called card indexes ‘the only portable,elastic, simple, orderly and self-indexing way of keeping records’, and the practice wascommon enough that Gustave Flaubert parodied the unending and ultimately futilepursuit of all knowledge in his 1881 satire Bouvard et Pe ́cuchet (Dickinson, 1894).
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      My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far more red than her lips' red;

  5. Apr 2018
    1. Ifonlysubjects,wemightcomplain(forourpatienceiswearingthin),hadmoreconsiderationfortheirbiographers!

      Throughout the book the narrator has inserted themself commenting on what is happening. The narrator has often encouraged the use of imagination for telling the story, whether it be through the use of their own or asking the reader to use their own. In this part of the story the narrator is looking for something to do while Orlando is writing, complaining that the subject should be considerate of the biographer, rather than using imagination which they have relied on before. Instead of a change of tone of the narrator, I think this continues the theme of this being a parody. I think the narrator is mocking biographers who focus on the actions of their subject and not their thoughts. What makes this interesting is the fact that imagination is not used as it is the other times when the narrator pokes fun at biographies. This shows that the narrator thinks that without adding to the story, that it is rather boring and can result in situations where there is nothing to write. This can result in the biographer looking for anything to write about, which is what happened when the narrator stopped conjuring up what they thought the subject might be thinking about.