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  1. Feb 2022
    1. Namibian government currently does not recognise polygamous marriages

      not recognized but still occurs, not outlawed

  2. Jan 2017
    1. Ottoman period, when harem culture abounded and having several wives was viewed as a symbol of influence, sexual prowess and wealth.

      Polygamy originally was thought as a symbol of affluence and power. This has changed quite alot nowadays

    2. God commands us to be fruitful and multiply."

      Was god the only factor in convincing him to practice polygyny?

    3. With his 5 wives, 55 children and 80 grandchildren, 400 sheep, 1,200 acres of land and a small army of servants, Aga Mehmet Arslan would seem an unlikely defender of monogamy

      This is completely different to most people in our country today. This shows the total difference in cultural beliefs and social norms

    4. With his 5 wives