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  1. Apr 2020
    1. The precarities that characterize our gig economy were beta-tested on Indian reservations, on the US-Mexico border, in Chinese factories.

      start of the precarity we see today in the gig economy - I don't know if you can divorce all of this from the history of factory work, they could co-exist, but factory work in general has always been precarious.

    2. Precarity has always already been mundane reality — and life itself — for those whose race, gender, and sexuality chained them to acts of violence and exploitation. Precarious life feeds off the vulnerable, breaks their bod-ies, and renders them surplus. To notice precarity differently means to be in radical complicity. Precarity is “life in chains.” Life in chains rejects ideals of an outside, of utopia to be rescued from the machines of capital-ist alienation. Chained up is more than complicity; it means noticing the wounds inflicted by false promises of idealized counterculture, techno-logical progress, and digital intervention

      Precarity - in chains

      by saying the labor is invisible are we erasing the precarity of the work?