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  1. Jul 2019
    1. Relative prevalence of extracellular virulence factors among Vibriofrom Cochin estuary, shrimp farm and seafood
    1. Plasmid profiles among Vibriofrom Cochin estuary, shrimp farms and seafood
    2. Relative antibiotic resistance amongVibrioisolated from Cochin estuary, shrimp farm and seafood
    3. Antibiotic resistance among Vibriofrom seafood
    1. Seasonal variation in the diversity and distribution of Vibrioin Cochin estuary
  2. sg.inflibnet.ac.in sg.inflibnet.ac.in
    1. Active site identification, metal detection and interaction of Dof domain structure
    2. Superposition of the Dof domain with predicted 3D structure
    3. Validation of the predicted 3D structure
    4. Tertiary structural prediction
    5. Secondary structural prediction
    6. Secondary and tertiary structure prediction of SbDof proteins o
    7. Gene structure prediction
    8. Phylogenetic and motif analysis of sequenced Dof domains
    9. In silico characterization of sequenced Dof domains of cereal
    10. Sequencing of Dof domain and gene
    11. Cloning of Dof genes of sorghum using pBSK vector
    12. Cloning of Dof domain and Dof genes using pGEM-T Easy
    13. Gel elution of PCR products
    14. PCR based cloning, sequencing and in silico characterization of Dof domain and Dofgenes of cereals and millet
    15. Comparative analysis of cereals and millets based on banding patterns generated by Dof domain and Dof genes-specific primers
  3. Jun 2019
    1. IFN γ production by CD8 T cells upon stimulation with PMA and viral peptides
    2. Decreased CD3 ζ chain expression on CD8 T cells in HBsAgpositive newborns
    3. Phenotypic and Functional Characterization of CD8 T cells in cord blood
    4. CD107a expression (marker of cytotoxicity)