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  1. Sep 2023
  2. Jan 2023
    1. humans know more about the surface of Mars than the ocean floor.

      Is this why we have more art that alludes to space than the deep sea? If so, why are we more willing to travel via sea rather than space?

  3. Nov 2018
    1. In conclusion, we must destroy their privileges, their desire, and their neoliberal marijuana as well. We must not lose sight of so much hypocrisy in a fog of corporate-sweetened weed smoke.

      I relate to the text because I very much agree. I believe we should destroy white privilege and to all be treated equal.

    2. That these workers have provided us healing marijuana despite such conditions should be regarded as nothing less than heroic. Instead, authorities dub them “violent” and even some who would call themselves anarchists indeavour to sett the rich people to plunder the poore by selling their Soules to the great Leviathan of Legall Marijuana .

      I relate to the text because I understand what it's like to be doing something that honestly isn't even bad, but everyone takes it the bad way and makes you the bad guy.

    3. No doubt most members of the working class have at least one laid-off friend or acquaintance who has been intermittently sustained by pot work.

      I relate to the text because it is true. I do have a friend who can't get a job because of his drug charges.

    4. Of course it becomes hard to sustain such an argument with respect to murderous “cartels,” which is why their stereotypically evil images are constantly waved in our faces.

      I relate to this text because this is how many people in Chicago feel about the gangs, we're too scared to say or do anything that could be something against them in fear of our own lives.

    5. Young black men can easily be thrown in jail for some other hackjob charge like “disturbing the peace,” while Mexicans will still live in fear of getting shot.

      I relate to the text because this really effects many people. including people very close to me.

    6. Criminalizing Mexicans then became a priority instead. It was also in the 1930s that at least one state government (Georgia) whipped up a death penalty for selling weed to minors, while other states specifically targeted Mexicans as marijuana vendors.

      I relate to the text because I am Hispanic and I understand the struggles we and other people have, as all being labeled criminals.