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  1. Oct 2020
    1. One of my favorite things to do with my friends is watching and ridiculing bad rom-coms, and Netflix has several to offer.

      There are many poorly made romcoms on Netflix that I am not proud to say I watched.

    2. Diversity has also played a huge role in the new wave of rom-coms

      Some examples of diverse romcoms would be : The Matchmaker's List by Sonya Lalli Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal. Pride, Prejudice, And Other Flavors by Sonali Dev (May 2019) Ayesha At Last by Uzma Jalaluddin (June 2019) The Marriage Clock by Zara Raheem (July 2019)

    3. Netflix

      About two-thirds of its subscribers watched a romance film on Netflix sometime between March 2019 and March 2020

    4. the streaming platform’s

      Some examples of this would be Netflix, Prime Movies, Hulu, Youtube, Vudu, and Vimeo