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  1. Jun 2024
    1. While the ratio of wine to water is up to the drinker, when sold by an establishment, by law, schorle (pronounced “SHORE-luh”) must be at least 51 percent wine. “But we also have customers who say they want less wine,” he said. With lunch earlier that day, he’d made one with 10 percent wine, “just to give the water some aroma.”

      Schorle is a minimum of 51% wine (or juice) and sparkling mineral water

    2. The wine should be fruity, acidic and aged in stainless steel tanks, not wood (mineral water can bring out off flavors when mixed with wood barrel-aged wine), and they should be relatively low in alcohol content. “Not a wine with 13 or 14 percent alcohol, this is not the wine for Schorle,” Wegner said. Also important: temperature. “Schorle has to be cold, refrigerated,” he said.