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  1. Dec 2022
    1. If my interpretation of the Retrieval quadrant is correct, it will become much more difficult to be an average, or even above average, writer. Only the best will flourish. Perhaps we will see a rise in neo-generalists.

      This is probably true of average or poor software engineers given that GPT-3 can produce pretty reasonable code snippets

  2. Nov 2022
    1. I only know a handful of people directly making money from blogging (via ads, subscriptions etc) but I know many more who: Got a better career because of blogging (new job, better pay etc) Negotiated better contracts (e.g. with a publisher or platform) because they had “an audience” Sold their own courses / ebooks / books / merchandise / music Blogging is this kind of engine that opens up economic opportunity and advantage. Being visible in the networked economy has real value.

      Making money from blogging isn't just about selling ads or subscriptions a direct thing. It can be indirect too. Eg selling courses or books.

    1. I’ve been using this phrase “the next most useful thing” as a guiding light for my consulting work - I’m obsessed with being useful not just right. I’ve always rejected the fancy presentation in favor of the next most useful thing, and I simply took my eye off the ball with this one. I’m not even sure the client views this project as a real disappointment, there was still some value in it, but I’m mad at myself personally for this one. A good reminder not to take your eye off the ball. And to push your clients beyond what they tell you the right answer is.

      The customer is not always right (just in matters of taste). Part of consultancy is providing stewardship and pushing back, just like any role I guess

    2. Being self-employed feels a bit like being on an extended road trip. Untethered and free, but lonely and unsupported too. Ultimate freedoms combined with shallow roots.

      That's a super insightful take on the self employment thing that people probably don't consider that much when deciding whether to take the leap