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  1. Jul 2021
    1. Godfrey Ablewhite!

      Mr. Godfrey is the one who steals the diamond? He stayed in the room which is next to Mr. Franklin that birthday night? Mr. Godfrey tried to use the money to pay of his debt?

    2. opium?

      Mr. Candy prescribe opium to Mr. Franklin, and under the affect of opium, Mr. Franklin did what Miss Rachel saw him did?

    3. “You villain, I saw you take the diamond with my own eyes!”

      This is a strong word of evidence from Miss Rachel claims that Mr. Franklin took the diamond

    4. He had a reason for wishing particularly to speak to me; and when I was next in the neighbourhood of Frizinghall,

      I wonder that Mr. Franklin might get some information about the night of loss of the Moonstone from Mr. Candy during their talk later on.

    5. I poured you out half a wineglass-full of our fifty year old Cognac

      Is that Mr. Franklin got drunk, and he doesn't know what he have done?

    6. I am as innocent of all knowledge of having taken the Diamond as you are,” I said. “But there is the witness against me! The paint on the nightgown, and the name on the nightgown are facts.”

      The real thief knew that Rosanna admired Mr. Franklin very much, so he created false evidence that Mr. Franklin stole the moonstone. Once Rosanna knew that Mr. Franklin is the thief, she then would make everyone misunderstand that she was a thief in order to commit Mr. Franklin's "crime?

    7. I tried the undermost side, next–and instantly discovered the smear of the paint from the door of Rachel’s boudoir!

      Rosanna is the one who been to the boudoir at midnight? Why should she went the the boudoir at that time, anything related to the Moonstone?

    8. revealed Mr. Godfrey Ablewhite’s motive for submission as plainly as if he had acknowledged it himself. He needed a large sum of money; and he needed it by a given time. Rachel’s income, which would have helped him to anything else, would not help him here;

      In this case, Mr. Godfrey actually matches the criminal motive Sergeant Cuff came up with.

    9. I know the hand that took the Moonstone. I know–

      Might be Miss Rachel is not the one who took the Moonstone? She just a helper in this stolen case?

    10. For a valuable gem which he had placed in the safe keeping of the bank.

      The valuable gem might be the Moonstone. From Miss. Rachel to Mr. Luker?

    11. that Miss Rachel has stolen her own Diamond?” “Yes,”

      Miss Rachel stole her own diamond? Why? Did Sergeant Cuff know if because of the weirdness from Miss Rachel's window?

    12. She has joined the two chains, and has fastened them to the hasp in the tin case. She has sunk the case, in the water or in the quicksand. She has made the loose end of the chain fast to some place under the rocks, known only to herself.

      The Moonstone were hidden in the quicksand by Rosanna?

    13. Sand–in respect of its printing off people’s footsteps–is one of the best detective officers I know. If we don’t meet with Rosanna Spearman by coming round on her in this way, the sand may tell us what she has been at, if the light only lasts long enough.

      If they found footsteps on the sand, then it will become a solid evidence. Rosanna

    14. “Because, sir, if you tell her ladyship, her ladyship will tell Miss Verinder.”

      Sergeant Cuff suspects the lost of the Diamond has something related to Miss Rachel? Or perhaps she knew something about it?

    15. “I saw Rosanna Spearman hiding in the shrubbery as we went by,”

      Rosanna becomes the most suspicious characters for stealing the Diamond so far.

    16. “Must I see him?” she asked. “Can’t you represent me, Gabriel?”

      Is the Lady with a guilty conscience? She's the one hide the Diamond, so that she's afraid to see Sergeant Cuff?

    17. Nobody has stolen the diamond,”

      Is that meaning someone hide the Diamond up?

    18. On inquiry, I found that she had been suddenly taken ill, and had gone up-stairs to her own room to lie down.

      Suddenly ill? Rosanna looks suspicious

    19. She said, ‘They will never find the Diamond, sir, will they? No! nor the person who took it–I’ll answer for that.’ She actually nodded and smiled at me!

      What does Rosanna know about the lost of the Diamond?

    20. The girl’s face was all in a flush as she made me that answer; and she walked away with a toss of her head and a look of self-importance which I was quite at a loss to account for.

      Is Rosana's face in a flush because of Mr. Franklin or is she hiding about something under Betteredge's inquiry?

    21. Neither you nor anybody else will ever find it!

      Why should Miss Rachel say these words? Did she know something that other don't know she knew it?

    22. The more I turned it over in my mind, the less satisfactory Mr. Franklin’s explanation appeared to be.

      Might be someone who live in the house steal the Diamond?