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  1. Jul 2023
    1. a poem he had written praising those who had died in the rebellionsurfaced, prompting the authorities to seek his arrest. They surrounded hismonastery, but he was in a newspaper office in the city at the time and evadedcapture. Some influential friends interceded on his behalf and the charges weredropped, but he was still ordered to leave Guangzhou (Goodell 2012, 57, 58;Jiang 1993, 96). He returned to Shanghai, where he continued his study ofanarchism and socialism.

      Taixu was almost arrested because of a poem.

    2. In 1904, he made his move (Goodell 2012, 23–5).

      Ordained when he was ~14.

  2. May 2023
    1. I found that the idea of creatinga “Pure Land in the Human Realm” (renjian jingtu 人間淨土) had currencyamong Buddhist modernizers of the Republican period (1911–49), and thisparticular text seemed to be its fons et origo

      "Pure Land in the Human Realm" ~ "renjian jingtu"

    2. “On the Establishment of thePure Land in the Human Realm