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  1. Feb 2024
    1. And, of course, he was a vegetarian, a cause he embraced in middleage. Or we might say he thought he was a vegetarian; the college chef was soworried that Mayor was abstemious and getting too thin that he added meatstock to the soups that Mayor preferred to eat. Mayor was also a teetotaller.Although he didn’t foist his diet or abstention onto others, he did spread theword in his books: Modicus Cibi Medicus Sibi, or, Nature her Own Physicianin 1880, What is Vegetarianism? in 1886, and Plain Living and High Thinkingin 1897. He contributed articles to Dietetic Reformer and VegetarianMessenger, publications of the Vegetarian Society. He became President ofthe Society in 1884, a position he held until his death in 1910 when he waseighty-five – and he attributed his healthiness in later life to his diet andascetic mode of living. Over this period, Mayor had witnessed new words fortypes of vegetarians: veg (1884), fruitarian (1893), and nutarian (1909). (Theword vegan would not appear until later, in 1944.)
  2. Jan 2024
    1. A number of temperance organizations exist that promote temperance and teetotalism as a virtue.

      Temperance and teetotalism as a virtue

    1. Promoting coffee as an alternative to alcohol was a tactic of the temperance movement that had begun to take hold here in the early 1800s, and by the end of the century it looked as if it might actually be working. Certainly, it was more subtle than some attempts to curb drunkenness – in Islandmagee, for example, local landowner Lord Dungannon had dealt with “the appalling number of sudden, violent and premature deaths, solely from the effects of intemperance” by the simple act of smashing up all 14 pubs on the peninsula

      Replacing coffee with alcohol was a way to combat intemperance (Temperance movement)

    1. Your Society, formed with a view to the adoption of such measures, carries with it the good wishes of all men, and already deserves the double praise of having discovered where the root of the evil lay, and of having used a powerful and well-directed effort to eradicate it.

      Drunkenness seen as evil

  3. Nov 2023
  4. Sep 2013
    1. Temperance is the virtue that disposes us to obey the law where physical pleasures are concerned; incontinence is the opposite.

      Tempering rather than pissing on, or away?