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  1. May 2024
    1. Using a combination of small-group and whole-classdiscussion boards as work and reflection spaces is aneffective means of avoiding the ineffective line up andanswer model of asynchronous discussion and is an effectivemeans of employing active learning pedagogy

      small group whole class discussion boards - workshpaces

    2. What makes this simple strategyeffective is that students must do more than listen passivelyto the lecture. They must pay attention, comprehend theinformation being presented, and then take action withthat information – in this case, talk about a question with apartner. One study (Ruhl, Hughes & Schloss, 1987) showedthat using a series of think-pair-share activities approximatelyevery 15 minutes during a live on-campus lecture helped toimprove comprehension and retention of ne


  2. Sep 2019
    1. Think-pair-share

      They're used to death, but for good reason. There are few things better than a good TPS for getting students warmed up for discussion. One can even allow the TPS to inform the entire lesson: if the TPS results in a class-generated set of questions or learning objectives, teach from that, or plan to teach from it in the next class session.