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  1. Dec 2022
    1. Bitcoin was monetizing this new Anonymous underworld of the internet and um that it was a way to kind of like send a briefcase full of unmarked bills from anywhere across the internet to 00:07:25 anywhere else in the world without identifying yourself and only now you know I mean not quite now but like only about almost a decade later that I kind of fully have this Epiphany that 00:07:38 actually it was the opposite the Bitcoin was the opposite of untraceable that it was in fact extremely traceable and that not only that but but it had served as a kind of trap for people seeking 00:07:51 Financial privacy and particularly criminals uh cyber criminals of every stripe for years and years and once I sort of Saw that this had happened I actually really 00:08:02 it came from seeing Justice departments announcements of takedowns and in each one they credited this one company called chain analysis which was uh I knew at the time a Bitcoin a 00:08:15 cryptocurrency tracing firm and it's began you know I sort of like read the research I'd seen hints over the years of how traceable cryptocurrency was but once I saw like how many of these cases 00:08:27 chain analysis specifically this startup tracing cryptocurrency was involved in

      !- traceability: of cryptocurrency - US government solved many cases with a company called Chain Analysis - who had figured out the vulnerability and traceability of cryptocurrency

  2. Jul 2022
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    1. he only thing needed is a shared medium or workspace in which clear traces of the work areregistered (Heylighen, 2011a; Parunak, 2006). The aggregated trace functions as a collectivememory that keeps track of the different contributions and indicates where further work may beneeded. This function is typically performed by the community website, such as the Wikipedia site.A more advanced example of this functionality can be found in the issue queue used byDrupal developers (Kiemen, 2011; Zilouchian Moghaddam, Twidale, & Bongen, 2011). This is acommunity-maintained, ordered list of feature requests or problems that need to be addressed,together with the status of the work being done on each. The issue queue makes it easy forcontributors to see where their contribution would be most helpful, and to keep track of theadvances made by others. It can be seen as a more spontaneous, self-organizing version of the jobticketing systems that are commonly used in technical support centers, where each incomingproblem is assigned a “job ticket”, after which the ticket is assigned to one or more employees, andmonitored so as to make sure it is adequately dealt with (Heylighen & Vidal, 2008; Orrick, Bauer,& McDuffie, 2000).

      Indyweb can increase traceability across the entire network through built in provenance mechanism.

  4. Feb 2021
    1. A ring signature is created when the sender of a transaction is mixed together with a random collection of other IDs that basically serve as a decoy. This process produces a unique digital signature for the transaction, but it blurs the identity of the real sender.

      Ring Signature

    2. Zero-knowledge proofs present the solution. The enterprise can prove it's the recipient of upcoming payments without revealing all the business details it may rightly want to keep private.

      zero knowledge proofs

    3. Another HD wallet solution to generate privacy is a so-called merge and re-split operation. In this example, several entities anonymously submit new addresses to a smart contract. The contract collects the same amount from each party, let's say it's 100 bitcoins each. Then the contract re-deploys the amount to the new addresses.

      workaround to avoid full trace with attribution

    4. An HD wallet uses algorithms to create a new public-private key pair for each transaction or piece of a larger trade. This thus would allow a user to have a virtually infinite number of public addresses all derived from a single master seed phrase, making their identity difficult to trace.

      workaround to avoid full trace with attribution