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  1. Jun 2016
    1. I would like to make an observation of the purpose of the second poster which says "Enlist". This image is propaganda most likely coming from the American side urging men to enlist for the world war 1. This image depicts a mother clutching her baby, both are submerged under water. This drowning was likely caused by the sinking of the leusitania, which was "a British passenger ship sailing off the coast of Ireland"(Keene 597). This ship was destroyed by a German U-boat who claimed that the ship was carrying explosives. This image, by Fred Spear, has a feeling of vengeance attached to it. The men that it intended to inspire will feel like they need to fight for the lost lives of the Americans that were on the Luisitania.

    1. The image on the left is obviously drawn by a pro imperialist because it depicts the Philippine independence as an ugly, ignorant and uneducated person. America, portrayed by Uncle Sam, appears to be a good caretaker of the Philippines as to suggest that taking control over their country would wind up giving them civilizationg and education. The image on the right was probably drawn by a anti-imperialist because of how the new territories of the United States look uneasy with the teachings of Uncle Sam. Also the other non american countries look like they have not achieved since being "taught" by Uncle Sam. They are working bad jobs, uneducated and not allowed inside the school. The artist who drew this portrayed this as a precaution to the 4 new territories of the U.S because they might want to think twice about letting America have control over them.

    1. The image on the right shows how the African americans struggled to move to the north during slavery. The image shows a lonely slave in a dark and meek place probably trying to escape from his compound. However, on the right you can see African Americans rejoicing together as exodusters they are able to move north away from the racist south.