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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Conversation is an art, and we are mostly pretty rubbish at it.We are entering a new era of conversational/constitutional AI. A powerful byproduct could be that we improve our conversations.

      Interesting point by John Caswell. AI prompting is a skill to learn, can we simultaneously learn to prompt better in conversations with other people? Prompting is a key thing in collecting narrated experiences for instance. Or will more conscious prompting lead to instrumentalising your conversation partner? After all AI chat prompting is goal oriented manipulation, what to put int to get the desired output? In collecting narrated experiences the narrator's reality remains a focal point, and only patterns over collections of narrated experiences are abstracted away from the original conversations. n:: [[Prompting skill in conversation and AI chat 20230301120740]] n:: [[Prompting pitfall instrumentalising conversation partner 20230301120937]]