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  1. Aug 2022
    1. Huarte goes on to distinguish three levels of intelligence. The lowest of theseis the “docile wit,” which satisfies the maxim that he, along with Leibnitz andmany others, wrongly attributes to Aristotle, namely that there is nothing inthe mind that is not simply transmitted to it by the senses. The next higherlevel, normal human intelligence, goes well beyond the empiricist limitation:it is able to “engender within itself, by its own power, the principles on whichknowledge rests.”
    2. Wit (Ingenio) is a generative power.



  2. Feb 2019
  3. Sep 2018
    1. to speak metaphorically, a speaking picture

      An example of Sidney's wit (a term Joseph Addison defined as the "resemblance of ideas"): he repeats the root word "speak" twice here with different but related meanings at work. I'd love someone to break this down for me: source of humor?

    2. both not having both, do both halt

      More wit! Our textbook explains "halt" as limp. Goals and Precepts are like two legs... get it?