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  1. May 2021
  2. May 2020
    1. I’d envisioned the two in harmony, the way he and I had been. I was thrilled to hear he’d charged her his new high rate, had quit her (maybe because of me?), and they’d never clicked, as if a woman who’d slept with my husband was revealing he couldn’t get it up with her.
    2. For my assignment on “your most humiliating secret,” Haley wrote how she and her fiancé spent a year buying her fantasy downtown loft, but broke up an hour after they moved in

      "let me divulge this person's most humiliating secret, which she shared with me in the context of an assignment she submitted for my course, while I paint a picture of how inappropriately SHE behaved"

    3. Had I been deluded to believe I was important to him? He’d shown me poetry about his abusive mother. He’d described being distraught when his Battery Park townhouse was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. He answered my emails quickly. Unlike my real dad, he loved my work.
    4. Darting inside, I shrieked, “I just saw Haley walk out of here. You lied to me!” “I never lied to you,” he insisted, quickly closing his door. “Don’t tell me you’re sleeping with her?” “Of course not.” He looked horrified. He wasn’t my lover, cheating with a younger woman. He was the long-term therapist who’d saved me from decades of drugs, alcohol, and self-destruction.