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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. but I feel like I’m just getting started on the long road ahead of me.

      I appreciate that you can address and confront the fact that, while it is cliche, life is not a walk in the park to any extent, no matter your career, whether you may have a disability, your financial status, your aspirations in life, etc. Ignorance is bliss, and you won't let yourself fall to ignorance.

    2. Neither my ASD and ADHD are as much of an impact on me now than it was several years ago, but I still carry some of the symptoms of it (Stuttering, repetitive movements, etc.), none of it being life threatening of course. The big turning point for me was when I met two game developers from Wargaming.net, as they have talked to me about their jobs and what I need to do in order to do their jobs well

      I have nothing but respect for how you take the initiative in not letting your affliction affect you and your everyday life, avoiding the role of a sort of roadblock that they have the potential of becoming.