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  1. Mar 2022
  2. Feb 2022
    1. Online C++ Compiler

      InterviewBit provides us with one of the best C++ compilers that is easily operated and that supports multiple programming languages.

  3. Dec 2021
    1. Operating System MCQ

      Find the list of 50+ Operating System MCQs with Answers to brush up your skills.

  4. Nov 2021
    1. Front end framework is a combination of two separate words, Front end + Framework. Front end is the visual site of any web application or a website, it is that part of the website with which a user interacts, note that backend is that part that involves API calls, database connectivity, authentication and so on, and a framework in literal sense means an essential supporting structure of an object, the object is a website in this case.

      What's Front End Frameworks? Here's the complete guide to understand the best front end frameworks.