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    1. breeches–ball

      Since the washing of clothes was quite infrequent in Austens day, this was a method of dry cleaning. "A ball of composition for cleaning breeches" (OED).

    2. hair–powder

      In Austen's time hair powder was essential for wigs to ensure freshness. It was white in color and commonly used with people of higher hierarchal status. “A scented powder made of fine flour or starch, used in the 18th c. for sprinkling the hair or wig in hairdressing” (OED).

    3. lassitude

      "The condition of being weary whether in body or mind; a flagging of the bodily or mental powers; indifference to exertion; weariness; an instance of this" (OED).

    4. hyacinths

      A hyacinth is a bulb shaped flower that has a strong fragrance used in the perfume trade and it has bright purple and blue colored bulbs. "Bulbous plants with bell-shaped six-parted flowers, of various colours, usually drooping..a native of the Levant, of which numerous varieties are cultivated for the beauty and fragrance of their flowers" (OED).

    5. netting–box,

      "Is a box that contains mesh, network and supplies for netting sails and other various items" (OED).

    6. supernatural

      "Belonging to a realm or system that transcends nature, as that of divine, magical, or ghostly beings; attributed to or thought to reveal some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature; occult, paranormal" (OED).