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    1. Barton

      A fictional cottage located in Devonshire.

    2. flannel waistcoats

      "A garment forming part of ordinary male attire, worn under an outer garment (a doublet, later a coat, jacket, or the like), and intended to be partly exposed to view when in wear" (OED).

      Flannel Waistcoat: "Usually of knitted wool, worn chiefly for additional warmth" (OED).

    3. fortune small

      "Amount of wealth; a person's possessions collectively, wealth, one possessing great (usually inherited) wealth. Also a stock of wealth, accumulated by an individual or received by inheritance, as a marriage portion, etc.; ordinarily implying a somewhat ample amount" (OED).

      In this sense it is someone who has an amount of money that isn’t overly large or overly small.

    4. infirmity

      "A special form or variety of bodily (or mental) weakness; an illness, disease, a failing in one or other of the faculties or senses" (OED).

    5. jointure.

      "A sole estate limited to the wife, being a competent livelihood of freehold for the wife of lands and tenements, to take effect upon the death of the husband for the life of the wife at least" (OED).

    6. Norland

      A fictional estate located in Sussex.

    7. she had now therefore nothing to do but marry all the rest of the world

      “The choice of a spouse was not solely left up to the suitors. Parents and even the wider community had an interest in securing suitable matches, between men and women of similar status, wealth, and age, and they exerted pressure accordingly“ ( Robert B. Shoemaker, Gender in English Society 1650-1850: The Emergence of Separate Spheres, p. 93 )

    8. sick chamber

      "A room designated for ill occupants" (OED).

    9. invariable

      "Changeable, unalterable; remaining ever the same, unchanging, constant; occurring alike in every case, unvarying" (OED).

    10. languid

      "Of a person, a person's character, actions, emotions, not easily inspired to emotion, exhibiting only faint interest or concern; spiritless, indifferent, apathetic" (OED).

    11. grate

      "A frame of metal bars for holding the fuel in a fireplace or furnace. Hence, the fireplace itself" (OED).

    12. indisposition

      "The state of not being mentally disposed, or ‘in the mind’ (to something, or to do something); disinclination, unwillingness" (OED).

    13. fortnight

      "A period of fourteen nights; two weeks" (OED).

    14. compact of convenience

      "A marriage contract of convenience rather then love" (OED).

    15. matrimony.

      "A marriage; an act of getting married. Also: a union or alliance formed by marriage" (OED).

    16. animated

      "Full of the activity and movement of life, enlivened; spirited, lively, vivacious" (OED).

    17. Park

      "A house or mansion having extensive ornamental grounds. Usually in the names of estates" (OED).

    18. raillery

      "Good-humoured ridicule or banter, often disguising a serious purpose; teasing, mockery" (OED).