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    1. Udolpho

      "The Mysteries of Udolpho is a Gothic novel by Ann Radcliffe, published in 1794. It was one of the most popular novels of the late 18th and early 19th centuries... The Mysteries of Udolpho is set in France and Italy in the late 16th century. The main character is Emily St. Aubert, a beautiful and virtuous young woman. When her father dies, the orphaned Emily goes to live with her aunt. Her aunt’s husband, an Italian nobleman called Montoni, tries to force Emily to marry his friend. Montoni is a typical Gothic villain. He is violent and cruel to his wife and Emily, and locks them in his castle. Eventually Emily escapes, and the novel ends happily with Emily’s marriage to the man she loves" (British Library).

    2. uncoquettish

      "Coquette: a woman (more or less young), who uses arts to gain the admiration and affection of men, merely for the gratification of vanity or from a desire of conquest, and without any intention of responding to the feelings aroused; a woman who habitually trifles with the affections of men; a flirt" (OED).

    3. vehemence

      "Intensity or strength of smell or colour" (OED).

    4. middling

      "Of medium or moderate size, strength, quality, etc" (OED).

    5. haggling

      "To mangle with repeated irregular cuts or cutting blows; to cut clumsily, with uneven jagged edges; to hack, mangle, mutilate" (OED).