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  1. Apr 2018
    1. decorum

      "That which is proper, suitable, seemly, befitting, becoming; fitness, propriety, congruity." (OED)

    2. the dining-parlour

      "A room used for dining or eating supper. Now rare." (OED)

    3. petticoat

      "A woman's undercoat or under-tunic, analogous to the male petticoat, often padded and worn showing beneath an open gown." (OED)

    4. loo

      "A round card-game played by a varying number of players. The cards in three-card loo have the same value as in whist; in five-card loo the Jack of Clubs (‘Pam’) is the highest card. A player who fails to take a trick or breaks any of the laws of the game is ‘looed’, i.e. required to pay a certain sum, or ‘loo’, to the pool." (OED)

    5. Cheapside

      Cheapside- more like a marketplace than a street: up to 62 feet wide but with very narrow exits at each end. It is the main shopping centre of the City of London for the past 200 years.

    6. ragout

      "A highly seasoned dish, usually consisting of meat cut into small pieces and stewed with vegetables" (OED)

    7. indolent

      "Of persons, their disposition, action, etc. : Adverse to toil or exertion; slothful, lazy, idle." (OED)

    8. draughts

      "A dose of liquid, a potion" (OED)