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  1. May 2024
    1. 1) Trace the diaspora of folk and popular music traditions to the U.S. from various parts of the world.

      I am curious where most of the folk and popular music traditions from the US come from. I feel like one of our primary exports in the US is culture/art, so I'd be very curious to see what inspiration we have taken from other parts of the globe.

    2. 3) Explore how and why American music is globalized;  the role of the Internet and mass media in this process; and the ways in which local cultures around the world adapt American music to their own society and traditions.

      I would like to learn more about the history of music's globalization and how artists from the US have utilized the power of the internet to export and share their music throughout the world. I am also curious on how different cultures around the world take inspiration from American music and implement elements of it into their own culture and music.

    1. Understand the pros and cons of globalization, and the ways that people engage in or reject globalization in their own localized musical communities

      I would like to learn more about the cons of globalization. When I think of globalization's impact on art I generally believe it's had a positive impact, so I would like to hear the opposing side. I would assume potentially the cons could be some forms of cultural appropriation, but I would like to hear some of the other cons of globalization for music.

    2. The course explores how music in the United States articulates a broad spectrum of human experience among diverse populations.

      I am curious to see how global music cultures have had an affect on music in the United States. I find this particularly interesting since we are often considered the world's melting pot of cultures, so I wonder how far reaching of human experience our music is.