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  1. May 2024
    1. Analyze how musical traditions and practices from selected areas of the world have survived,

      I am very interested in learning all of the different musical traditions that are all over the world. Every place had different traditions and I am curious to learn about them.

    2. Increase their knowledge of the role of the internet and mass media have contributed to the globalization of musical sounds and practices

      I am very curious to learn about how the internet and mass media have contributed to the globalization of musical sounds. The internet has changed so many things and I want to learn how it changed music.

    3. Increase their knowledge of how local cultures around the world have adapted American music into their own society and traditions

      Do people in other countries actually enjoy American music, or is it just prevalent due to other factors?

      Is American music actually as prevalent as we think in other cultures besides our own?

    4. Trace the diaspora of folk and popular music traditions in the United States from selected parts of the world Analyze how musical traditions and practices from selected areas of the world have survived,

      Something that I have been interested in regarding American music is the influences and processes that occured to create its distinct sound, especially in rock. I enjoy the vinyl era, and I find the blues' influence on rock to be extremely intersting as it encapsulates a history unique to the United States and also uses elements from a wide variety of cultures. I'm excited to hear more about this topic during this class.

    5. Understand the pros and cons of globalization, and the ways that people engage in or reject globalization in their own localized musical communities

      I would like to learn more about the cons of globalization. When I think of globalization's impact on art I generally believe it's had a positive impact, so I would like to hear the opposing side. I would assume potentially the cons could be some forms of cultural appropriation, but I would like to hear some of the other cons of globalization for music.

    6. The course explores how music in the United States articulates a broad spectrum of human experience among diverse populations.

      I am curious to see how global music cultures have had an affect on music in the United States. I find this particularly interesting since we are often considered the world's melting pot of cultures, so I wonder how far reaching of human experience our music is.

  2. May 2023
    1. Devising a prompt (AKA a question) is the key to ChatGPT. I am still uncertain what a good question is in AI's "mind". It might be something "way strange" and "un-questionly".

  3. Jul 2022
    1. because it only needs to engage a portion of the model to complete a task, as opposed to other architectures that have to activate an entire AI model to run every request.

      i don't really understand this: in z-code thre are tasks that other competitive softwares would need to restart all over again while z-code can do it without restarting...

  4. Nov 2021
  5. Apr 2020
    1. Using objects as keys is one of most notable and important Map features.

      Test question: What is one of the most notable and important Map features?

  6. Aug 2019
    1. As log-bilinear regression model for unsupervised learning of word representations, it combines the features of two model families, namely the global matrix factorization and local context window methods

      What does "log-bilinear regression" mean exactly?

  7. Jun 2016
    1. more student engagement beyond the walls of a school.

      Guest users in Moodle - can we make it easier to get them into the space to engage with students? No more boring forums when the community members or guest speakers in a f-2-f class can contribute. What about a Google form for requests? Is there a way to limit guests to only one forum?