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  1. May 2024
    1. Increase their knowledge of how local cultures around the world have adapted American music into their own society and traditions

      Do people in other countries actually enjoy American music, or is it just prevalent due to other factors?

      Is American music actually as prevalent as we think in other cultures besides our own?

    2. Trace the diaspora of folk and popular music traditions in the United States from selected parts of the world Analyze how musical traditions and practices from selected areas of the world have survived,

      Something that I have been interested in regarding American music is the influences and processes that occured to create its distinct sound, especially in rock. I enjoy the vinyl era, and I find the blues' influence on rock to be extremely intersting as it encapsulates a history unique to the United States and also uses elements from a wide variety of cultures. I'm excited to hear more about this topic during this class.