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  1. Dec 2015
    1. Racial systems of violence and domination were wielded with crushing intensity for generations, all in the name of keeping white womanhood as pure as the cotton that anchored southern society.

      well that is the excuse to abuse and take advantage of the slaves

    1. Missouri’s admission to the Union in 1821 exposed deep fault lines in American society

      Whats the "fault lines" that exposed in American society?

    2.  Debates over slavery in the American West proved especially important

      why would it be especially important in American West?

    3. Northerners and Southerners came to disagree sharply on the role of the federal government in capturing and returning these freedom seekers

      what made them have a different view of slavery?

  2. Nov 2015
    1. In the 1840s, labor activists organized to limit working hours and protect children in factories.

      well children shouldnt be working in the first place they have parents and adults for that. When they grow up then they can start working but as children they should be enjoying and playing before coming into adulthood.

    2. More than five million immigrants arrived in the United States between 1820 and 1860

      Why to United States but not other countries?

    3. These independent laborers then turned over the partially finished goods to the owner to be given to another laborer to finish

      huh why ? those laborers could just finish the products so they could get more money right?

    4. The consequences of the transportation and communication revolutions reshaped the lives of Americans.

      what could possibly be the consequences? i thought the improvement on transportation and communication is better for the Americans well its supposed to improve their lives or something

    1. alcoholism became an increasingly visible issue in towns and cities

      well this is still an issue today i think some of the incidents happening nowadays are caused by drug addicts or drunks.

    1. e Declaration of 1776, and read it aloud with much spirit and emphasis, and it was at once decided to adopt the historic document, with some slight changes such as substituting "all men" for "King George.

      i think the change makes the women feel more like they are included

    1. But the reason of my return was, that the Spirit appeared to me and said I had my wishes directed to the things of this world

      what "spirit" is he talking about? he makes me think that he is a little delusional or something or who knows many people claimed to see spirits too so maybe he did see spirits

    1. For the enslaved, understanding the language of European and American slave traders and plantation owners was necessary

      now that i think about it, when the European and other nations captured and enslaved the African people how did they communicate? Africans people have their own languages right and its different from the European or others so how could they communicate at first encounter?


      the free black slave man was kidnapped just so he could be sold and worked as a slave again because of the new crop,he and along with other slaves worked hard with little rest

  3. Oct 2015
    1. places would cost thousands of dollars sold in the 1830s for several hundred, at prices as low as 40¢ per acre.

      wow that really is something, and its all because of cotton but nowadays cotton is not big of a deal that can make such impact as in the past

    2. Few knew that the seven bales sitting in Liverpool that winter of 1785 would change the world.

      well i guess it is true because we are using cotton for clothes and stuffs

    1. all except Rhode Island,

      i wonder what made them soo determine not to let the constitution pass??

    1. After nearly a month of debate, Virginia voted 89 to 79 in favor of ratification.

      wow that how they settled things back then just formed two groups and debate over it then vote what if the vote was even then they have to start the process all over again?

    2. The Virginia Plan

      oh so this is how the three branches(legislative, executive, and judicial) came from

    3. the Constitutional Convention

      what is it? how does this works?

    4. thousands of farmers in western Massachusetts were struggling under a heavy burden of debt

      what could possibly cause them to have that debt?

    5. the United States had faced the threat of collapse.

      internal conflicts and uncertainty caused that to happen

    1. we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.

      women are standing up for themselves and their rights

    1. The American Revolution

      what did the american revolution accomplished or tried to?

    2. Consequences of the American Revolution

      what are the consequences? who or what grp does it affect the most?

    3. The War for Independence

      who involved in the war?

    4. “tea parties”

      what are the tea parties?

    5. The Causes of the American Revolution

      what are the causes then?

    6. The aristocracy then were wealthy or successful because they had greater access to wealth, education, and patronage and not because they were innately superior.

      wow true but some even successful without those nowadays

    7. British subjects enjoyed a degree of liberty unknown in the unlimited monarchies of France and Spain

      i wonder what kind of liberty that is?

    1. the French had maintained a peaceful and relatively equal relationship with their Indian allies through trade

      they are using their relationship with the Indian to gain profit

    2. Seven Years’ War

      also known as the french and indian war from 1754 to 1763, fought between the french and english to gain control over the land in North America ironically they both used native americans to help fight the war.

    3. wives asserted more control over their own bodies.

      well i guess before they couldnt do anything much, but what does this mean exactly, were they not able to do whatever they wanted with their bodies or something like that?

    1. Elect

      how do they know who the so called "elect" is? is there a mark on the body or someting like that?

    2. Calvinists (and Puritans) believed that mankind was redeemed by God’s Grace alone, and that the fate of an individual’s immortal soul was predestined.

      so does it mean that everyone fate was already decided even before we were born?

    3. They dug up graves to eat the corpses of their former neighbors

      well i guess desperate time call for desperate measure but really eating people corpses oh i cant imagine how hungry they must had been to eat corpses.

    4. Powhatan, or Wahunsenacawh

      so he was a leader of his people, a king or something like that i guess everywhere people still need someone to lead them

    5. English colonization would look very different from Spanish or French colonization,

      how are they different?

    6. the powerful Spanish Armada would be destroyed, and the English would begin to rule the waves.

      how did they get destroyed?

    7. French colonization developed through investment from private trading companies.

      so trading is their main profit i guess

    8. Catholicism had always justified Spanish conquest, and colonization always carried religious imperatives.

      how could they justified something like killing and brutality slaughtered women and children

    9. New diseases wiped out entire civilizations in the Americas

      what new diseases?

    1. Native Americans lived free from the terrible diseases that ravaged populations in Asia, Europe and Africa. But their blessing now became a curse.

      the lack of technology advancement cost them alot but in return they had freedom before the Europeans invdaded

    2. Like the French later in North America, the Spanish tolerated and sometimes even supported interracial marriage.

      i guess people are more understanding and more open about the racial issue

    3. Indians acquired horses

      i wonder what they gonna use the horses for? maybe farming

  4. Sep 2015
    1. Catholicism threatened to literally capture Protestant lands and souls.

      well now i know religious groups not only practice religious but involve in warfare too. My view of religious groups is soo not good right now and im a catholic too but its better now though right? they do not evolve in any wars happening now right?

    2. Defiant slaves could legally be beaten, branded, mutilated, even castrated

      well legally? so what happened if they kill the slaves then would that be legal too?

    3. The Master of Life told Neolin that the only way to enter Heaven would be to cast off the corrupting influence of Europeans, by expelling the British from Indian country:

      wow im surprised they listened to this guy and started another war

    4. only a tiny portion of males could vote

      so in those countries who can vote then? the noble and wealthy?

    1. by an Eye of faith

      so does it mean you just have to believe then you will see the road to heaven reveal to you somehow?

  5. classicliberal.tripod.com classicliberal.tripod.com
    1. fears and continual dangers

      just like the wealthy and nobility willing to pay to be safe because they know they are in danger due to their status. To be wealthy and have power mean they have to live in fear of other being jealous of them or hate them and try to harm them in someway.

    1. African women faced other hardships, especially sexual abuse and rape

      Women not only had to endure being a slave but they were also used for their captors' pleasures without their consents.

    1. “six or seven hundred” dead

      death always equal to war this is unavoidable but its still make people sad to hear of someone else's death and at a great number too

    2. rapes, whippings, and diseases like smallpox and conjunctivitis aboard slave ships

      i watched a movie once that showed what happened to slaves on the slave ships similar things happen here.

    3. Bill of Rights

      what does bill of rights do again?

    1. white and black acting together to challenge authority

      wow im touched that white and black actually get along and to do something together, make me wonder why not stay that way? why racism ?

    1. All social relationships--between God and man, ministers and congregations, magistrates and members of their community, and men and their families--were envisioned in terms of a covenant or contract which rested on consent and mutual responsibilities.

      isnt it still the same now? we do anything based on the contract. Just set phone and bank as examples dont we all have to sign some papers that state we agree to the term stated on the contract or somthing like that and there would be consequences of some sort if we break the contract agreement.

    1. 1.According to King Afonso, what have been the detrimental effects of the Portuguese presence in his kingdom? According to king Afonso, the Portygueses presence caused harm to the security and peace of the kingdoms and state, and to the service.

      1. What steps has he taken to deal with the problems caused by the Portuguese? King Afonso asked the other king assistance by commanding his factors to not send in anymore merchants and wares and no more than some priests and a few people to reach in schools, and no other goods except wine and flour for the holy sacrament.

      3.Why is he appealing directly to the Portuguese king for aid? Because without the king's authority, the merchants would keep coming to cause problem in his kingdom.

      4.Does King Afonso see the Portuguese presence in his kingdom as a right or a privilege? At first i think King Afonso thought that the Portuguese presence was a right because they helped his kingdom by providing goods but later on those merchants took advantage of that to practice slavery.

      5.How does King Afonso distinguish legitimate and illegitimate trade in slaves? King Afonso once said to the king that there shouldnt be any trade of slaves, so to him slavery was not welcome in his kingdom.

      6.What elements of Portuguese culture does he welcome? Why? King Afonso welcome and asked for Portuguese medical advancement, because his people wre suffering from diseases that couldnt be cure by his kingdom's medical team but he believed Portuguese had what it took to help find the cure.

    1. The milk in the breasts of the women with infants dried up and thus in a short while the infants perished

      wow that should never happen, their babies died because they did not have enough substances starvation or what?

    1. one by one they took turns diving deep, deep down into the dark water of the sea world.

      Why did they have to risk their lives for a creature that they knew about and different from them too? and they did that without hesitation. It actually surprised me that they wanted to save that woman/ a stranger to them.

    1. Dutch women maintained separate legal identities from their husbands and could therefore hold property and inherit full estates.

      Women finally have some rights

  6. Aug 2015
    1. the Aztecs moved south into the Valley of Mexico, conquered their way to dominance, and built the largest empire in the New World.

      They had cruel traditions so i didnt noticed that they were great at builting stuffs i learned about them in history in high school. i didnt like them much, they scared me.

    2. Hunters across the hemisphere preyed on plentiful game and natural foods and the population boomed.

      How did they learn to hunt? Why didnt they migrate or learn to grow their own foods?

    1. Not realizing he was drunk, Obatala returned to his task of fashioning the new beings; because of his condition he fashioned many imperfect figures.

      it makes me think that God and Goddess are just like human beings they have flaws too, being drunk and did something so irresponsible.