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  1. Aug 2022
    1. recognize the chaos, panic and precarity the show captures so convincingly
    2. gas goes out
    3. industrial mixer blows a fuse, knocking out the power.
    4. The Original Beef may signal noble, can-do labor, but it’s also a decompensating system on the verge of structural collapse.

      call back to the claims mentioned in the opening paragraph

    5. reify

      elevated diction

    6. prodigal son

      biblical reference assumes some base understanding of Christian tales

    7. mythos

      elevated use of diction

    8. so off to Sonoma and New York he went, to make something of himself

      lighter diction here with "and so off to"

      "Make somethine of himself" is common phrase that let's the author quickly establish the necessary background for readers

    9. original beef

      slang leads into a double entendre