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  1. Sep 2020
    1. Unfortunately, this simple, lifesaving practice has become part of a political debate that says: If you’re for Trump, you don’t wear a mask; if you’re against Trump, you do... The stakes are much too high for that.”

      Honestly it is upsetting the debate about wether you wear a mask or you don’t because it is not political. You should be wearing a mask and taking precautions because it is literal human lives in danger. And if you don’t want to wear a mask then stay at home.

    1. Keep in mind that students who find social interaction problematic are not going to suddenly feel better if they are forced into it.

      Yes this is key to me because even though I don’t mind participating I know that if I was forced into it it wouldn’t feel like much of a choice. Instead it would feel like an obligation to say something. I enjoy sharing more when it is because I want to share. I get very anxious when a teacher says “ok then I will choose a volunteer,” because sometimes I don’t have an answer to the question she had or I would just like to listen to what she or others think. I think that giving students the choice to participate and share is essential. I think that if anything teachers could also make groups for people who are not comfortable speaking in a big group so that it allows everyone to participate.