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  1. Jan 2018
    1. So she began to regard her practice in a whole new way. She started evaluating children not just for their medical histories, but also their social histories. And instead of treating only symptoms, she sought to help with the root causes of the stress that were making them sick.

      The physician is trying to find a solution to the problem that way it can be stopped and not cause further issues

    2. She found an answer in a decade-old study that showed a strong link between chronic disease and traumatic experiences during childhood — things such as physical abuse or neglect, or living with a family member addicted to drugs or alcohol. She knew the children she saw lived with high “doses” of adversity, she said, and it made sense: Trauma was affecting their developing brains and also their developing bodies.

      This goes to show that even 10 years years ago that family members being involved with drugs and alcohol can cause stress on young children.

    3. “They would have chronic abdominal pain, headaches, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, opposition defiant disorder,” she said. “It could be that all these different kids have all these diagnoses, or it could be that there is one thing at the root of this.”

      These are some of the sickness and illness that can be involved with child health.

    4. Traumatic experiences led people to engage in more risky behaviors, such as intravenous drug use and early sexual activity. But even people without a history of high-risk behaviors had poor health outcomes.

      As you can see, poor health outcomes allow people to have horrible behaviors such as drug use and risky sexual activity at very young ages.

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    1. “ The Sound of Music’’, “ the Wizard of Oz’’ , “Annie” and “Mary Poppins”

      This is great that Stephanie did plays and got well adjusted to theatre and enjoyed what she was doing while she was doing it.

    2. I’ve been playing basketball since I was in 5th grade

      This goes to show that Stephanie actually likes playing sports and enjoys basketball

    3. My son is the main reason to why I came to this school and decided to get my diploma.

      It is good to find out that stephanie is putting in extra effort for her and her son and being a great role model to him.

    4. I was born in Orange County , California and raised in the Bronx

      It good to see that Stephanie adapted well given the fact that she was born in California but raised in the Bronx

    5. my 8th grade teacher made me realize how easy and simple math was once you put your mind to it.

      This goes to show that matthew was taught in a well established environment which allowed him to be really great in math.

    6. I feel I do my best in mathematics, art, and physical education mostly because i’m very active.

      it seems as if matthew is very interested in math, art and gym and that those are his favorite subjects.

    7. When I’m in school I really like to just see that I’m doing well and it motivates me to even try harder and try to do better than I already am

      By reading this sentence i can tell that Matthew really enjoys pushing himself when it comes to his school work.

    8. I love riding my bike around NYC

      This goes to show that Matthew is a very active person and likes to go out alot.

    9. Also I like drawing and learning how to play instruments.

      It seems as if John really likes to multi-task and be really active

    10. He told me that I was capable of bringing greatness to the world and that I would be good in any career I pick

      By reading this i can tell that Johns coach seen real potential in him

    11. soccer is my favorite sport

      this goes to show that john is actually very athletic and loves soccer

    12. I am 19 years old

      This goes to show that he started off well and told the readers his age.

    13. I love my family

      With this you can tell that the writter actually does love his family and that he cares about them.