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    1. y1 w1118 hsp-Flp act>CD2> Gal4 UAS-NLS::RFP

      DOI: 10.1242/bio.060254

      Resource: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (RRID:SCR_006457)

      Curator: @DavidDeutsch

      SciCrunch record: RRID:SCR_006457

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    2. y1 w1118 hsp-Flp act- Gal4 UAS-NLS::GFP; P{neoFRT}42D tub- Gal80 / P{neoFRT}42D

      DOI: 10.1242/bio.060254

      Resource: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (RRID:SCR_006457)

      Curator: @DavidDeutsch

      SciCrunch record: RRID:SCR_006457

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    3. Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center

      DOI: 10.1242/bio.060254

      Resource: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (RRID:SCR_006457)

      Curator: @DavidDeutsch

      SciCrunch record: RRID:SCR_006457

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    1. ND-75HMS00853

      DOI: 10.1242/bio.060278

      Resource: (BDSC Cat# 33910,RRID:BDSC_33910)

      Curator: @DavidDeutsch

      SciCrunch record: RRID:BDSC_33910

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    2. Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center

      DOI: 10.1242/bio.060278

      Resource: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (RRID:SCR_006457)

      Curator: @DavidDeutsch

      SciCrunch record: RRID:SCR_006457

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    1. Maura Finkelstein@Dr_maurafWriter. Ethnographer. Professor. Author of The Archive of Loss: Lively Ruination in Mill Land Mumbai (Duke UP 2019) rep’d by @a_la_ash she/her/Free Palestine Philadelphia, PAmaurafinkelstein.comJoined February 2017

      Maura Finkelstein Twitter bio

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    1. I am a developer, mainly on embedded systems, with a computer science background and security and cryptography leanings by trade. I also have interests in various other topics.
      • for: bio-buddhism, buddhism - AI, care as the driver of intelligence, Michael Levin, Thomas Doctor, Olaf Witkowski, Elizaveta Solomonova, Bill Duane, care drive, care light cone, multiscale competency architecture of life, nonduality, no-self, self - illusion, self - constructed, self - deconstruction, Bodhisattva vow
      • title: Biology, Buddhism, and AI: Care as the Driver of Intelligence
      • author: Michael Levin, Thomas Doctor, Olaf Witkowski, Elizaveta Solomonova, Bill Duane, AI - ethics
      • date: May 16, 2022
      • source: https://www.mdpi.com/1099-4300/24/5/710/htm

      • summary

        • a trans-disciplinary attempt to develop a framework to deal with a diversity of emerging non-traditional intelligence from new bio-engineered species to AI based on the Buddhist conception of care and compassion for the other.
        • very thought-provoking and some of the explanations and comparisons to evolution actually help to cast a new light on old Buddhist ideas.
        • this is a trans-disciplinary paper synthesizing Buddhist concepts with evolutionary biology
    1. Let us at this point simply note that the Māra drive seems reducible to a wish to maintain the status quo (“sentient beings suffer, and they shall keep doing so!”) whereas the Bodhisattva is committed to infinite transformation.
      • comment
        • this is definitely seeing evolution through a Buddhist lens!
        • mara - maintain status quo
        • bodhisattva - infinite transformation
    2. Defined in this way, “stress” turns out to be a compelling translation of the Sanskrit term duḥkha (otherwise often rendered as “suffering”), which describes a treacherous world inhabited by restlessly craving beings.
      • for: bio-buddhism - stress, bio-buddhism, duhkha, question, question - enlightenment and stress, bio-buddhism - suffering, bio-buddhism - enlightenment
      • question
        • If enlightenment is defined as the ultimate awareness that penetrates the self-illusion, and therefore subject / object dualism is what brings peace, and the cessation of suffering due to the cessation of seeking, then how does this relate to the idea of goal-seeking, homeostatic efforts to attain a specific setpoint?
          • Do we attain the setpoint by awareness that stops the suffering in a unique way?
    3. Another feature of this vision that aligns well with Buddhist ideas is the lack of a permanent, unique, unitary Self [68]. The picture given by the evolutionary cell-biological perspective is one where a cognitive agent is seen as a self-reinforcing process (the homeostatic loop), not a thing [69,70,71].
      • for: illusory self, non-self, lack of self, organism - as process, human INTERbeCOMing, bio-buddhism, biology - buddhism
    1. the bodhisattva vial which is which is huge 01:16:56 um it's this it's this commitment it's it's a medical it's the commitment to enlarge your cognitive apparatus to enable bigger goals to enable you to pursue bigger goals with more compassion
      • for: bio-buddhism, bodhisattva vow, compassion
      • comment
        • interesting adjacency between:
          • Buddhism and
          • biology:
        • Adjacency statement
          • The bodhisattva vow is a commitment to enlarge your cognitive apparatus, your cognitive light cone of compassion to enable the pursuit of bigger goals
    2. biology Buddhism and AI
      • for: bioelectrical networks, cognitive glue, Charles Darwin's Agential materials, bio-buddhism, Michael Levin
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    1. Michael Sorens is passionate about productivity, process, and quality. Besides working at a variety of companies from Fortune 500 firms to Silicon Valley startups, he enjoys spreading the seeds of good design wherever possible, having written over 100 articles, more than a dozen wallcharts, and posted in excess of 200 answers on StackOverflow.
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    1. I am a software engineer, canoeist, gardener and and all-round tinkerer. I got into software because of my curiosity about how things work. I kept asking “why” until I eventually found myself doing it for a job. I love the range of work I get to do as an engineer. My work often focuses on performance improvements and coaching teams in code design choices. I value thoughtful communication that amplifies marginalized voices in the workplace.
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    1. although the ocean and rainforest seem to be two different extremes of dissimilar environments, surf and turf have several similarities. One similarity that is present in both environments, yet seems counterintuitive is the fact both a reef and a rainforest are essentially nutrient desserts. Both ocean water and forest soil contain low levels of biologically relevant nutrients, and as a result, organisms have developed creative and sometimes symbiotic/mutualistic strategies to thrive in these nutrient-poor environments.

      Interesting point that there is a regime of low nutrients which enables higher diversity. I'll look for some references! Here's a Minute Earth video explaining this very well - https://youtu.be/mWVATekt4ZA

    1. Learning a New Language Can Help Us Escape Climate Catastrophe

      !- Title : Learning a New Language Can Help Us Escape Climate Catastrophe !- Author : Nylan Burton !- comment : summary - while I agree with the analysis, the futures-related question I ask is this: what does a desirable hybridized linguistic landscape look like that integrates English, evolved into a post-colonialist lingua franca and reconstituted indigenous languages with their rich bio-cultural heritage?

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    1. what is our purpose so so so over on the right there i just want to reemphasize we are anticipatory we are cognitive we are problem solvers 01:25:44 we are a we and then i have below that i am a we you know like i i am i can i am i'm intimately connected with this i'm i'm everyone in that sense you know 01:25:57 yep yeah the whitman um you know i contain multitudes and also gilbert at all i have a paper called um we were never individuals kind of on that wavelength that you were talking about with the sort of distributed systems all the way down 01:26:09 approach and also dennis noble no privilege level of biological causality similar uh basically realization that multi-scale perspective complexity science basically entails 01:26:22 either the choice of a priori level like saying it is multi-scale and humans are the best scale or gaia is the scale or quantum is the right scale that's a claim as well as it being a claim 01:26:35 actually there's no privileged level of causality so that's the sort of table as it's said right right right right right and you know what it's not that really 01:26:46 this this entire project you could say in like a sentence you could say this whole project is to help us be who we are more be more uh honestly who we are more real 01:27:01 to who we are right it's not the it's not to to have people behave in some unusual way or some altruistic way or anything like that it is it is to have 01:27:12 it is to be more more ourselves more fully ourselves more completely ourselves and then all of these pages all these things we're talking about is who that self is who who are we really and it's about the 01:27:25 adjacent possible for who we are who we are is not an essence that is uh there's uh seven seals and it's being unlocked it's actually something that's being drawn out through 01:27:36 inactive realization in the niche through niche modification through stigma through becoming and and then the adjacent possible is where the imagination and the planning comes into play and if people are hesitant to talk about 01:27:49 the adjacent possible for who we could be just think about chess it's the adjacent possible with the strategy on the board and we're talking about the adjacent strategy possible for who we could be in terms of our strategy 01:28:02 for you know all these recursive layers our strategy for how we think of ourselves and all these other things you're talking about absolutely absolutely and then and then ultimately serving the 01:28:13 serving the kind of fitness purpose of you know if we take action a is that going to reduce our uncertainty about those things that we that really matter you know that are that are the the 01:28:27 the key variables

      Consciousness is the psychological aspect existent at one level of a multi-level human pyscho-biological-cultural INTERbeCOMing gestalt.

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    1. Gavin Baker is theManaging Partner andChief InvestmentOfficer of AtreidesManagement, LP.Prior to foundingAtreides in 2019,Gavin was at FidelityInvestments from1999 – 2017, mostrecently as theportfolio manager ofthe Fidelity OTC Fundfrom 2009 – 2017.The $17 billionFidelity OTC Fundoutperformed 100%of its Morningstarpeers and won 6Lipper awards overGavin’s 8-year tenureas portfolio manager.Gavin was the BostonGlobe’s Fund Managerof the Year in 2014and his performancewas recognized byarticles in Barron’s,the New York Times,Investors BusinessDaily and the WallStreet Journal. Hehelped spearheadFidelity’s venturecapital investing andwas a board observerat Nutanix, 23andME,Jet.com, AppNexus,Dataminr and Roku,among others. Gavinearned an AB ineconomics and historyfrom DartmouthCollege

      Gavin Baker

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    1. When you stumble across an influencer and want to know what their deal is, your first stop will be their link-in-bio.

      This is a tautology because Instagram only allows you to include one link!

    2. Even major corporations such as Qantas Airlines, Red Bull, and the Los Angeles Clippers have started putting a Linktree in their Instagram and TikTok bios, Anthony Zaccaria, Linktree’s co-founder and chief commercial officer, told me. These companies all have expensive websites, but he said that link-in-bios have come to represent a space in between social media and websites: a regularly updated page where artists can plug their new music, airlines can promote their new flight routes, and even non-influencers can list out the TV shows they’re currently watching. While a traditional website might remain relatively static over time—an airline like Qantas, for instance, is always going to want its flight-booking tool to be front and center—a link-in-bio is a sort of ever-shifting homepage, the ideal spot for brands and influencers to house updates or tout new products.

      Who says the link in bio needs to go to a company's homepage? Why couldn't it be a custom landing page geared toward the social media site the link is placed on?

      The reasoning here is completely false.

    3. In a study done for The Atlantic, the web-analytics firm Parse.ly estimated that Linktree links account for nearly half of all the link-in-bio traffic on Instagram.

      Nearly half of all the link in bio traffic on Instagram comes from Linktree links.

    4. An explosion of companies sporting names such as Shorby, Linkin.bio, Beacons, Tab Bio, and Koji—Rockelle’s tool of choice—are giving the link-in-bio a glow-up.

      How long before the pendulum swings all the way back to the original web?

      cross reference: https://indieweb.org/link_in_bio

    1. Temporal gating of physiology is essential for maintaining homeostasis, and chronic disruption of circadian alignment causes metabolic diseases

      temporal gating

    2. 2-hydroxybutyrate (2-HB)


  14. Dec 2021
    1. அதிலிருக்கும் 18 அமினோ அமிலங்கள், முட்டை, பால், இறைச்சிக்கு இணையான புரத சத்துகளை நம் உடலுக்குக் கொடுக்கக்கூடிய திறன் கொண்டது என்பது உங்களுக்குத் தெரியுமா
      • drumstick contain 18 amino acids
  15. Oct 2021
    1. IV BIM: Clase 1: Respiración Celular:suministra energía para funciones vitales, dado que la energía se convierte en una forma utilizable, la cual utiliza la célula.

      Términos: Metabolismo: Reacciones químicas para producir energía

      Reacciones anabólicas: Se construyen moléculas complejas a partir de otras simples. - absorben calor - biosintéticas (construye moléculas más complejas)

      Reacciones catabólicas: Las moléculas más complejas se vuelven las más simples (descomponen) - liberan calor - degradativas (digestión, respiración celular, se descompone para dar energía a la célula.

      Respiración celular: Proceso Catabólico, de degradación, debe tomar de su entorno nutrientes y energía, así sometiéndolos a una serie de transformaciones que constituyen las reacciones catabólicas en el interior de la célula, consiste en liberación controlada de energía para producir ATP

      Ejemplo: Proteína - aminoácidos Polisacáridos - Monosacáridos Grasas - Ácidos grasos Sucesivamente hasta que se conviertan en ATP (energía celular)

      Anaerobia: SIN presencia de oxigeno, solo ocurre en el citoplasma de la célula, ya solo involucra la glucólisis dan como producto moléculas inorgánicas (HS2, CH4, N2), se conoce también como fermentación, utilizan de aceptores de h otras sustancias inorgánicas distintas del oxigeno, las únicas células animales que hacen uso de este son las musculares, SOLO cuando no hay suficiente oxigeno, poco eficiente (solo produce 2 ATP) con fermentación láctica, hace el piruvato a lactato

      INFO IMPORTANTE: https://gyazo.com/86307dc5f3ef571cc559688f039a0976

      Aerobia: Presencia de oxigeno, este se usa como aceptor para recoger los H liberados de las oxidaciones, reduciéndolos y formando agua, lo realizan células eucariotas y procariotas.


      Los tres procesos principales de la respiración celular anaeróbica: Glicolisis: destrucción de la glucosa, antes de la respiración celular, por reacciones químicas y ocurre en el citoplasma. El ciclo de Krebs cadena de transporte de electrones

    2. Levadura: forma de huevo, no puede crearse químicamente, resultado de la evolución de la naturaleza, Lowis Pasteur, los responsable de fermentación son las levaduras, la levadura es un ser vivo, la química es denominada impulsor, se realiza en modo de granja, obtiene energía de la cebada, manta, cuando lo fermenta, lo convierte en chela (cerveza).

      Cuando se sobre exige los músculos, se obtiene energía de madera ineficiente, donde el piruvato se hace ácido láctico el cual se cristaliza

      Levaduras (Saccharomyces spp) En la industria: Pan: CO2 hace crecer la masa Bebidas alcohólicas: las levaduras en la cáscara de uva inician la fermentación Creciente uso del alcohol como combustible de vehículos, Brasil es líder en esta industria .

      Fermentación: Muchos microorganismos que operan en condiciones anaeróbicas lo usan (como levaduras), de importancia ecológica, se pueden obtener antibióticos, considerado proceso ancestral para obtener energía, fue descubierto en 1857, implica la transformación de un sustrato complejo a uno simple, hongos, levaduras, etc son participantes, es poco eficiente, solo produce 2 ATP, convierte el piruvato hasta CO2, alcohol o ácido láctico


      Láctica: produce lactato

      Alcohólica: se produce Etanol (alcohol) CO2, utiliza a las levadura para obtener ATP, convierte el piruvato (3C) en etanol (2C) perdiendo un carbono (C) el carbón que se pierde se convierte en (CO2), etanol y CO2 son productos de desecho de este.



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    1. Thursday, he announced that private-sector businesses with more than 100 employees must make sure their workers are fully vaccinated or be tested each week before coming to work.The

      surveillance state: meet the first candidate for a govnerment created retroviral biotracker:

      COVID-19 and it's quanta of "so long, freedom"

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    1. Most of my work has been writing computer software, but this has touched on a wide range of other areas: scientific equipment, data analysis, visualization, geological exploration, simulation of complex systems, economic modeling, maps, “big data”, trend analysis, artificial intelligence, and web software.
    2. I create interactive explanations of math and computer science topics at Red Blob Games[1]. I explore topics related to computer game development, as I’ve found that’s a rich source of motivating examples. My favorite topics are related to maps (grids, paths, procedural generation) and simulations (transportation, economics, complex systems, AI).
  19. Mar 2021
    1. Puma core. Sprockets Core. Top 50 Rails contributors. Married to Ruby, literally.
  20. Feb 2021
    1. Jessica C. Harris

      Jessica B. Harris is an American culinary historian, college professor, cookbook author and journalist. Subjects: Culinary history, personal history, New York City, the 1970s and 1980s, African diaspora

    1. Yohuru Williams

      Yohuru R. Williams is an American academic, author and activist. Williams is a professor of history and the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of St. Thomas

  21. Dec 2020
    1. Le vivant est un, la nature est autre. Les amalgamer pour en faire une machine système Terre est un aveuglement. En réalité, le vivant est anti-nature, il est culture. Il faut le voir comme une civilisation pour pouvoir penser écologique. Il faut donc arrêter de vouloir « restaurer la nature » (cette formule est incompréhensible) mais faire que le vivant se développe. À l’anthropocène encore plus qu’avant, son développement est notre développement !

      Pensée très intéressante mais qui me perturbe... C'est le vivant qui est UN qui rend vivable pour toutes ses expressions la terre qui est nature mais qui n'est en rien la vie... La vie est une civilisation unique qui peuple la terre...

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    1. They might even hate each other; the creature who already lived loathed his own deformity, and might he not conceive a greater abhorrence for it when it came before his eyes in the female form? She also might turn with disgust from him to the superior beauty of man; she might quit him, and he be again alone, exasperated by the fresh provocation of being deserted by one of his own species.

      A lot of misogyny is radiating from these lines. Victor is implying that his female creation might be so ugly that even his male creation will be offended by her existence one he sees her. But on the other hand, what if his creation isn't her type and just abandon's him? It's interesting to see how much thought Victor puts in when it comes to making a female creation...I thought he was trying to create a new species?

  24. May 2020
    1. à 00:03:51 témoignage du maire de Mouans Sartoux passage au 100% bio en 4 ans. Création d'une régie agricole communale. 1200 repas jour

    2. à 01:13:16 Projets alimentaires territoriaux seulement 7.5% des terres agricoles consacrées à l'agriculture bio

    3. à 01:11:28 Interview de Gilles Daveau (formateur culinaire) Pourquoi introduire le bio dans les cantines ? C'est le bio pour tous, et non uniquement les "bobos"

  25. Jan 2020
    1. Here is some info about the author:

      "John Warner, writer/editor/speaker/consultant with more than twenty years of experience teaching college-level writing. His newest books are Why They Can't Write: Killing the Five-Paragraph Essay and Other Necessities, and The Writer's Practice: Building Confidence in Your Nonfiction Writing. He is editor emeritus of McSweeney's Internet Tendency and you can read his weekly column at the Chicago Tribune. "

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  28. www.youthvoices.live www.youthvoices.live
    1. playing video games and eating.

      How many game's do you play in a day and how much food you eat while playing the game?

    2. Outside of school I like to play sports such as basketball and baseball

      BIG FACTS!!!

    3. am a very goofy yet generous person


    4. when I crashed my car. I didn’t get hurt bad but there were minor injuries

      How did you feel?

    5. I love science – it’s one of my best subjects – but I hate math.

      I AGREE

    6. My attitude was horrible and the way I treated people was very unfair.

      I agree because I use to have a horrible attitude

    7. I constantly moved because my mother didn’t like the neighborhood surrounding our home

      what was the cause of moving so much?

    8. My father died from 13 gunshot wounds. I have lived in many places such as the Bronx, Washington Heights and even Lower Manhattan for a time,

      sorry for your lost, how old was you when your dad die?

    9. am a very goofy yet generous person

      that really true

    10. I enjoy helping others out in school when help is necessary.

      I see that your really nice

    11. when I crashed my car. I didn’t get hurt bad but there were minor injuries.

      how long was this ???

    12. I enjoy earning money after school and on the weekends.

      I feel you

    13. My favorite movie is “300”. I also like “The Walking Dead” – basically, horror movies.

      well I like horror movies too

    14. I like being honest with people.

      I Like that

    15. The important thing about me is that I have many talents

      That's true i saw you rap and it was fire

  29. Mar 2018
  30. www.youthvoices.live www.youthvoices.live
    1. I can convince most people to do things they wouldn’t have thought of doing in life

      this tells me a lot about how you use your action or words to make someone do something they would not do

    2. I enjoy helping others out in school when help is necessary

      so you enjoy helping people thats nice

    3. when I crashed my car. I didn’t get hurt bad but there were minor injuries.

      this moment was probably the worst for you

    4. I constantly moved because my mother didn’t like the neighborhood surrounding our home.

      does your mom like your neighborhood now ?

    5. I have lived in many places such as the Bronx, Washington Heights and even Lower Manhattan for a time,

      did you like moving a lot ?

    6. My father died from 13 gunshot wounds.

      i can connect with you because i had someone special to me pass away

    7. open heart surgery to repair a hole in his heart.

      i was born with a hole in my heart, but it hurts when someone so close to you pass away

    8. I like being honest with people

      honesty is the key to success

    9. I also like “The Walking Dead”

      i also like that show

    10. I have never lived anywhere but the Bronx.

      Would you like to live anywhere outside of the bronx's?

    11. It made me realize that people make other people feel bad.

      When you said it make you realize that people make other people feel bad do you think people really care how many people feel based on there problem they have?

    12. When i was little I was in school and I saw a kid get bullied and I helped him.

      When you saw the kid getting bullied did you look at the kid as if that was your child in the future being bullied?

    13. explore just for fun.

      what do you enjoy exploring ?

    14.  I like to learn and just talk to all my friends in school but mostly I like to have a good time

      you should pay attention in school more often.

    15. My father died from 13 gunshot wounds.

      did he die DOA?

    16. ideo games and eating.

      What do you enjoy eating?

    17. expressing myself through my outfits.

      how do you express yourself?

    18. to hang out with my friends, hang out with my family or even just text my friends on my phone. Of course, I make time to do my

      hang out with your friends and do what?

    19. that I can graduate on time and as fast as possible

      when do you graduate?

    20. eally love boxing

      why do you enjoy boxing?

    21. eaching my Global teacher Spanish.

      are you fluent in spanish?

    22. If I wanted to be successful in life I knew I had to change myself into a more developed woman, which I knew I could be.

      i had to change my perspective on life to make my self better too

    23. I’ve lived in a few different locations in the past decade. I’ve mostly lived in the Bronx most of my life but for about 4 years I lived in Long island.

      ewww long island but me too ive traveled alot

    24. I enjoy earning money after school and on the weekends

      who dont like making money ??

    25. But as I came to P.U.L.S.E I realized that school is actually easy.

      school is alot easier at pulse highschool

    26. I used to go to a school named Celia Cruz Bronx High school of Music and realized that the environment was a little too advanced for my standards.

      i dont like your school

    27. even just text my friends on my phone

      i love being on my phone too i can relate

    1. A huge turning point in my life was at the age of 18 when I had to watch all of my friends graduate and move on to college while I was getting left behind and stuck in high school. I was a super senior with 14 credits

      i feel the same way because i was in the same predicament

    2. At that point I knew I had to change for the better because I didn’t want to be stuck anymore. Also wanted to take the next step of my life.

      i needed to make a change in my life too

    3. I like doing well academically.

      me too it makes me feel good about my self and makes me feel like i can actually make it far in life

  31. Jan 2018
  32. www.youthvoices.live www.youthvoices.live
    1. I do a lot out of school , I’m a very active person.

      i'm a very active person and do alot outside of school too

    2. I’m good at hands on projects, group projects

      im also good with my hands , and group projects

    3. As much as I like school , there’s not really much to do at pulse but do your work and get out of high school

      there really i'snt nothing to do at pulse to be honest i feel the same way

    4. I feel I‘m good at art as well.

      I'm really not good at art but that's a great talent i wish i was capable of drawing things easily

    5. I used to play baseball when I was young but once I started to ride a bike and saw how things were and how many friends I started to make and how much we traveled, I just kept on riding my bike.

      I love riding my bike too but i enjoy playing sport way more and i don't mind using the bike to travel.

    6. I like being to myself most of the time and just watching movies alone

      same here im not to social

    7. i transferred to pulse and I was able to complete all of them. I like doing well academically.

      same here makes me feel good about myself, and makes me happy

    8. , I was born in new york, I’m 18 years old, I was born July 1st, 1999. I have lived in Highbridge in the Bronx my whole life. I love riding my bike around NYC, being with my friends, just having fun and living life.

      We both live in the bronx and enjoy hanging out with our friends.

    9. I’m good at singing, making people laugh, being a good and amazing daughter to my mother, and making people happy. I’m really good at dancing; I dance everything.

      I'm a bad singer and you are too lol nah i'm just joking and you are very hilarious.

    10. huge turning point in my life was at the age of 18 when I had to watch all of my friends graduate and move on to college while I was getting left behind and stuck in high school. I was a super senior

      same i felt so mad at my self wish i could just go back in time

    11.   In school I like to participate, do my work, bond with my teachers and friends and learn something new every day

      I like to participate in school too but I do not like to bond with teachers.Also i like to learn new things everyday too.

    12.   Hey my name is Diana. I am 18 years old. I was born on October 21, 1998. I love to sing, dance, and party.  I’m a very outgoing person.

      That's so cool we are the same age and we have things in common like we both like to go out and party.

    13. playing baseball and video games.

      both are 2 out of 4 of my favorite things to do, i used to play baseball befor i might play again this summer

    14. I was born in Orange County , California and raised in the Bronx. I’ve lived in New York for 18 years.

      Stephanie Castro you are a very interesting young lady and i know so little about you.

    15. I’ve been playing basketball since I was in 5th grade.

      Keep on mate you will go pro!

    16. My son is the main reason to why I came to this school and decided to get my diploma.

      Young lady I am very happy that you are finishing school for the well being of your son and yourself mate.

    17. I also like to make art.

      i love art i feel its a way to express your self especially with music

    18. I enjoy my own company but once in awhile i do like spending time with my friends.

      so do i , i want time to myself at times but then i want my friends too

    19. i want to help people who needed it the most.

      exactly i always thought if i had alot of money i would just donate what i really dont need if i know theres more coming to who really needs it

    20. most dedicated, learned the fastest, helped her teach her classes, and over all was her best dancer.

      i also love to dance , dancing is something im really good at , i was also in a dance class in my old school too

    21. A huge turning point in my life was at the age of 18 when I had to watch all of my friends graduate and move on

      yes yes , i can really relate to this i felt the exact same way when i stood behind and all of my friends graduated

    22. I enjoy going shopping

      like wise but i feel im just basic when i shop

    23. I like that I am able to trust my teachers to help me get where I want to be in life, which is to go to college.

      i feel the same ever since i came to this school, ive just been looking at teachers with a different perspective,just cause i realized how much they care

    24. There was a time something important happened to me 3 years ago, when I wanted to drop out and I got support from my teacher.

      Same here ,just had a different person as a supporter, but u just gotta know how to stay strong and keep moving on in life

    25. I like to sing and many people said I’m really good and should invest time into a career.

      i loveee too singggg !! singing is one of my favorite hobbies i can relate to this

    26. I love to write, and express myself through writing. When you write you have a special technique that allows you to explain yourself.

      i can relate to this because , i also love writing it helps me express myself alot

    27. I was born October 26, 1998, and my favorite color is blue

      you was born 5 days after me & my favorite color is also blue =]