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  1. Nov 2022
    1. The results show that conversations that contain controversial content during the early stages of their lifetime possess more activity, and users involved in that conversation have a wider influence than conversations that are not labeled as controversial.

      seems like could be used inorder to show intent for being controversial inorder to get futher discussion

  2. Oct 2022
    1. This argument revolves around the meaning behind what is a passtime leading to the history behind it then implmented only to show the contrast between hergeneration and those before them in an attempt to show contrast she also uses this a a critism

    2. identity crisis

      this is the first use of identity crisis, but will signifiy the first form of self cirtisim in the article

    3. if everyone was struggling with the long and dark days of the pandemic, posting an Instagram Story would make me feel less alone.

      this is a clear use of self critism followed by an attempt of validating reanssuance in comparision of her generation to herself

    4. within my Y2K cohort took work merch and free booze to compensate for long hours and unpaid vacation.

      antoher form of critisim that provide a form of self deperatcing critisim to provide cultural commentarry about mellinals throguh her exprince throguh y2k

    5. as many in my generation slogged their way through the Great Recession, overpriced avocado toast in hand, they proved those miserable studies true.

      this form of critisim is used to provide insight of the bigger picture of proving them right. its almost like the author has an agenda to prove that her geneartion is failing and she is trying to pass

    6. lavender beach cruiser on Amazon.

      such a mellianal term

    7. agreed that I am my social media profile.

      she uses her own exprince then contrast it with the weight our culture puts on it too intertwinging expirnce and geneartional hardship

    8. But learning about myself has no expiration date. That could be a hobby in itself, righ

      she seems to ask the reader in a way of looking for approval? does this change her approach of self critisim to looking for approval of others

    9. I’ve been asking myself: What does it actually mean to have one, especially at a time when we’re living so much of our lives online

      self refledction used to critizie her generation as living somuch time online. this is a common occurnce throught the article as she uses this as an angle to critizie herself and her gneneraiton.

  3. Oct 2020
    1. grandiose plans to exercise more and mournful diatribes about my food addiction

      the effects of the words TOO FAT that was passed down to her

    2. embroiled in diet culture my whole life.

      the emroilemnt of diet culture from her inheritcane

    3. I met with a friend

      her first example of the effects of the pandemic on fat acceptance comes from the exprience from her friend. who apoligizes for being fat since last time they seen each other.

    4. Diet companies, sensing their moment, filled my Twitter feed with exhortations to continue the weight-loss journey.

      the intro to diet companies, used the word sensing thier moment. the meduim of twitter to fill her feed with wieght loss journy ads.

    5. ‘COVID-19 pounds’” joked one CBC

      she refers to some of the "people in society as mostly from canada specifically in vancouver the home of all that stuff for weight loss.

    6. we stay attached to the idea that it is our moral duty to watch our weight

      he urges even in the reexamination of the world and what was assumed normal before the pandmic. we stay attached to the idea that it is our moral duty to watch our weight.